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Brand Analyst Resume

You can become an Analyst in a particular field with the right qualification and skills. If you have good marketing knowledge and experience then you can apply for the position of a Brand Analyst. A Brand Analyst works with the marketing team and he/she is part of the marketing team in an organization. They play an active role in creating the brand image of a product in the mind of the customer. A product with better brand image has better sales figure in the present scenario. These Analysts make different plans and strategies in order to create a better brand image of a product or service.

The brand image of a product highly depends on the stage the product is in. The plans and strategies are made accordingly keeping in mind the stage of the product. A Brand Analyst may have to work hard if the product is in the introduction stage. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of a Brand Analyst to target the prospective customer and make strategies accordingly. It is a job which hold high responsibilities because a single mistake might hamper the image of the product as well as the company. So, these analysts have to handle the job responsibilities very carefully.

You can apply for this job position with a bachelor's or master's degree in business management. A work experience in the marketing field would be highly advantageous for this job profile. You may get shortlisted easily if you possess some previous work experience in the field related to marketing. There are many skills and responsibilities you need to possess in order to hold the responsibilities of this job position. It is also necessary for these analysts that they possess excellent knowledge of market research. There are many marketing facts like customer behavior, competitor analysis, advertising and promotion of the products that a Brand Analyst needs to know very well.

You can apply for this job by crafting an impressive resume. You can take help of some samples while crafting your resume. These samples will guide you while you prepare your resume. There are several sections in a resume and you should prepare each section, keeping in mind the job responsibilities associated with that particular job position. Always try to draft a resume that proves your professional skills.

Brand Analyst Resume Example

John B. Luellen
2726 Allison Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510

Career Objective

Looking for the position of a Brand Analyst in a reputed organization, where I can apply my skills and experiences towards the growth of the corporate sector and my personal career growth.

Key Skills

  • Able to communicate effectively with the customers and the employees of the organization
  • Highly skilled in marketing planning and strategies
  • Possess excellent knowledge of marketing tools and techniques
  • Possess good understanding of market research techniques
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Highly skilled to understand the customer behavior
  • Able to attract customer by using advertising and promotional tools and techniques
  • Possess good computer skill in Microsoft Office
  • Able to handle the multiple tasks simultaneously

Work Experience

Company: Suntouch incorporations
Designation: Brand Analyst
Duration: September 2010 till date

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Regularly analyzing and reviewing the brand image of the product
  • Make sure the sales figure does not go below average sales
  • Making plans and strategies to create a better image of the product
  • Responsible to maximum reach of the product by creating a brand image
  • Responsible to analyze and review the customer feedback
  • Evaluating the feedback and make sure the existing customers are satisfied
  • Also, responsible to evaluate the weekly, monthly and yearly sales report

Company: Goldenhex Incorporations
Designation: Brand Analyst
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the sales report of the product regularly
  • Analyzing and monitoring the brand image of the product in the market
  • Coordinating with the marketing team in analyzing the brand image of the product
  • Assisting research and development team for reviewing the brand image of the product
  • Plan and make several strategies that would be in the benefit of the organization and increase the brand image
  • Responsible to note the consumer behavior and make strategies accordingly
  • Also, analyzing the competitor behavior and making strategies accordingly

Educational Qualification

  • Completed Masters of Business Administration from the Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, California between 2006 - 2008
  • Completed Bachelor of Business Management from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, 2002 - 2006
  • Completed High School from Saint Paul's Academy, Princeton, New Jersey in th year 2000.


Dennis E. Bush
(Brand Analyst)
Whitedax Incorporations
4960 Edwards Street
Tarboro, NC 27886

The sample of a brand analyst resume given above can be of great help when you need to craft such resume for your job. Refer the sample and hope it helps you in your job search.

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