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Billing Analyst Resume

Descriptive Title: How to Write a Billing Analyst Resume?

Description: A billing analyst has a significant responsibility in preparing and dealing with the financial aspect of the organization. He or she has to play a major role in expense accounting of the company and this job requires good accounting skills, which is to be shown pre-dominantly in the resumes.

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Job Description:

A billing analyst has the important responsibility to prepare invoices, get the billing approval and should keep the record of incoming dues. He/she has to keep a record of all transactions made. A billing analyst has to analyze the bills and billing procedures and implement an effective billing system. He/she has to ensure the accuracy of the correct calculations in the billing procedures.

A billing analyst has to recommend necessary changes in the billing system, if the system itself is found complex in nature and assist the billing department in all its processes. He or she has to ensure cent percent achievement in billing collections and has to analyze the insurance claims including third party claims. Besides, the billing analyst has to maintain confidentiality in the billing procedures.

Apart from the above, a billing analyst has to supervise staff in the billing center and train new entrants on company policies and procedures regarding the billing systems. There may be many billing sections at different locations and the billing analyst has to coordinate the work among all the employees working at different places. He/she has to prepare periodical commission reports and produce the same for the management's perusal.

Perla B
2224, Bird Street
Phone: 505-549-9561

Job Objective:

I am an experienced and qualified billing analyst and looking for the best opportunity to work in reputed organization and prove my worth.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I have a good experience in billing in respect of Government contracts.
  • I can attend multi purpose tasks and that too within the time limit.
  • I can manage daily billing routines for inter company and at the same time can look into the billing of Government projects also.
  • I have the capacity to initiate any work and possess organisational skills.
  • I have good proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and have deep knowledge in computer languages.
  • I have excellent verbal and written communication skills and can deal with any situation.

Professional Experience:

I am working as a billing analyst in John and Reid Company in Denville, NJ from January, 2006 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are as given below.

  • I am responsible for checking the bills whether they are relevant to the appropriate contracts; satisfy prescribed guidelines and rules and regulations.
  • I have identified the issues that bother the billing procedures.
  • I am in charge of the reconciliation of unsettled and unbilled amount on a monthly basis.
  • I am responsible for discussing the outstanding issues with the internal and external personnel and to resolve them.
  • I am holding the responsibility of liaising between the billing agencies/companies and the clients.
  • I am responsible for making necessary entries and maintaining journal registers regarding financial transactions and transfer of funds.

I had also worked as a billing assistant in Lloyds Group of Companies in Atlanta from the year 2003 to 2005 and held the following responsibilities.

  • I had kept the revenue cycle process to function properly and given priority to the issues that are to be prioritized and had issued authorizations to the receipt of payments.
  • I was responsible for answering running queries and looked after reconciliation work of the billings as well as unbilled accounts.
  • I was in charge of calculating billing income and preparing customer payment details.
  • I was responsible for preparing financial statements and the tasks relating to accounts receivable.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Finance and Accounting from a University in California.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting from the same University.


Will be made available on request.

Having completed your graduation and post graduation, you have many more tasks to perform. First of all, you should find a rewarding and challenging job to apply your education and skills possessed and acquired. Nowadays, many highly qualified students come out of the colleges every year and the employers have the difficulty in selecting the best among them. Here, your personal and business qualities play a major role for considering you for the placement.

If you are interested in acquiring a position in a billing section of an organization, you have to prepare a billing analyst resume, in which, you have to describe your accomplishments and passion towards that particular job. To stand out from other competitors, you have to present your exceptional ideas and innovative methods, besides your academic qualifications and skills, while giving the details of billing analyst resume.

The importance of billing analyst resume should describe your leadership qualities, as of now the employers need young people who have great potential to become a leader of a team in about ten years. The employers expect such people, who can handle the issues of the organization and lead a team of employees as a manager. Such people will reduce the work burden of some higher officials and the management.

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