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Army Intelligence Analyst Resume

An Army Intelligence Analyst's role is highly crucial in analyzing critical situations and operations in the field, with the help of surveillance equipment and minute observations. Hence, well updated with the recent developments in the field, he/she offers analyzed information that enhances effective decision making. So, while writing an army intelligence resume, cover the candidate's strong observation capacities, logical thinking power, and professional excellence to ensure maximum safety and control measures. Dealing with positional responsibilities involves, enforcement of the codes and conducts to be followed on the field. Hence, with good track record or history, the recruiting authority will find it promising to select the candidate for the highly developed intelligence sense and critical thinking abilities, offering accurate and exact results.

With reference to the list provided below, get an in depth understanding of the responsibilities the candidate needs to discharge as a part of accountability.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Dealing with intelligence functions in relation to analysis and interpretation of collected data and reports
  • Observing the situations, surroundings, and critical battle areas to deal with strategic and tactical handling of matters
  • Performing the role of an Intelligence Officer, offering information processing and decision making support
  • Carrying out a variety of operations right from data collection, analysis, and current field requirements to management of necessary records and documentation
  • Supervising and monitoring step by step developments of intelligence processes and operations

With acceleration of intelligence processes, he/she definitely contributes towards development of an effective decision making support system that analyzes the management need of information as a critical resource. Thus, while crafting a resume sample for an army intelligence analyst, cite remarkable skills, qualifications, and analytical expertise with reference to the duties performed and operations carried out in the field of observation and military intelligence.

Ronald I. Bragg
345 Charla Lane
Richardson, TX 75081
Phone: 972-265-2673
Email Address:


With strong career aspirations to achieve new heights into the field of intelligence and surveillance equipment management, looking for an Intelligence Analyst position in the Armed Forces, where I can utilize my wide gained experience as an Observer and Assistant Intelligence Manager to provide efficient decision making support to utilize intelligence as a critical resource.


  • Assisted an Intelligence Manager for 5 years
  • Proficient in handing surveillance equipment and observation functions
  • Worked for FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and CIA (Central Investigation Agency)
  • Professional investigations and observations to provide customized reporting
  • Completion of Basic Combat Training and Management
  • Management of centralized intelligence systems and counter factual reasoning


  • Strong critical thinking abilities with good comprehension power
  • Analytical skills and mathematical excellence to simplify complex issues and structures with ease
  • Professional expertise in verbal and written communication with military signs and symbols (Symbology)
  • Good research and development abilities to handle environmental pressures
  • Expert understanding of counter factual reasoning and methodology

Technical Skills

  • Professional database management
  • Data warehousing and data mining tools and techniques management
  • Automated Computer Aided Designing operations
  • Intelligence Analyst systems and software management


  • Master of Science in Intelligence Management from Henley Putnam University with specialization in intelligence and protection
  • Completed doctorate in advanced counter-terrorism operations management
  • Diploma in Strategic Security and Protection Management
  • Received battle focused military intelligence training with strategic reporting operations

Professional Experience

United States Army, New York
Designation: Assistant Intelligence Manager

2009-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Identifying potential targets and threats with root-cause analysis and procedural management
  • Offering managerial support to relate crucial information to solve the situational pressures and difficulties
  • Managing records of collected information in relation to knowledge management
  • Handling database management functions to supply analyzed and strategic information
  • Assisting First Line Supervisors and Managers to monitor systematic development of operations and processes

Military Intelligence Services, United States of America
Designation: Assistant Military Intelligence

Role and Responsibilities

  • Offered training and development support to utilize information as a critical resource
  • Operated and managed database systems to supply significant knowledge to get strategic advantage in the battle field
  • Analyzed and verified the collected data to get promising benefits and tactical management of resources
  • Dealt with encoding and decoding functions to facilitate effective communication in case of emergency and maintaining security measurements
  • Developed an effective security and protection system to solve Ad Hoc queries and issues


  • Received 'Intelligence Manager of the Year 2009' award for providing effective and efficient support operations to serve critical circumstances and battle requirements
  • Awarded with 'Researcher of the Decade' for professional and expert management of investigation, observation, and analytical functions to utilize information as a critical resource


  • Availed a life time membership of National Intelligence Services, Training and Development Management
  • Dynamic member of technical support operations team developed under emergency intelligence services and observations management


I, declare that the information provided above is true and complete.

Ronald I. Bragg

An army intelligence analyst resume sample needs to coordinate all the relevant professional experiences that the candidate gets over a period of time, in carrying out observations, intelligence operations, and its database management and reporting. Such services are highly critical in case of battlefield operations and military support resources management. Hence, while writing a well organized resume, don't forget to stress on professional excellence in carrying out intelligence analysis operations and strategic reports management to provide the management with highly advanced decision making support.

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