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Accounts Payable Analyst Resume

An Accounts Payable Analyst carries out effective analysis and interpretation of the accounts maintained, to ascertain the amount to be paid to the creditors. Thus, their role is highly relevant to determine the liabilities of the business or accounts payable. So, with high mathematical and analytical skills, it becomes easy for them to calculate accounts payable, and to draw certain conclusions that may assist the business to improve its performance in the long run. So, while applying for the position of Accounts Payable Analyst, it becomes obligatory for the candidate, to justify his/ her suitability for the jobs to be performed. Hence, create an accounts payable analyst resume that describes good evaluation power to interpret summarized accounts information, and thereby, drawing conclusions. Such findings play a vital role in improving the organizational efficiency in the long run.

Thus, draft a comprehensive accounts payable analyst resume that serves the employer's needs, and tries to establish a good coordination between your skills and job requirements. Here, you will find some of the essential responsibilities that an accounts payable analyst is expected to perform.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Evaluating the summarized data and reports in connection with accounts payable to determine the business liabilities and performance
  • Supervising and managing accounts payable records, to calculate business efficiency with necessary exactness and accuracy
  • Offering useful information to support the management to know business needs, and assisting it to increase operational efficiency
  • Analyzing the liabilities to manage cash receipts and payments on time to manage good customer relationships
  • Figuring out the modifications or changes that need to be incorporated, to enhance market performance of the organization

So, accounts payable analyst is accountable for supporting the management in sound decision making. He provides a summarized information of the accounts; such findings assist in business finance restructuring.

Here, go through the given sample to understand key essentials of the jobs, and to get useful guidelines to draft your own sample resume.

Theodore K. Partee
4036 Cook Hill Road
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone: 837-165-2641
Email Address:


Searching for an employment opportunity in a manufacturing organization, where I would be accountable for providing useful decision support system, by evaluating the accounts payable functions of the business, and assisting the management with credible findings.


  • Extensive experience at analyzing the company performances, and accounts management functions
  • Practiced professional to calculate the organization's liabilities, and to judge its performance on clear grounds
  • Worked as an Assistant Accounts Payable Analyst for a period of 3 years
  • Familiarity with accounts management principles and practices
  • Acquainted with assets liability management issues


  • Strong communication skills and managerial abilities
  • Abilities to handle independent responsibilities with good time management skills
  • Good analytical and mathematical skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving aptitude

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent at Microsoft Office functions management
  • Handled database management (DBMS) functions


  • Masters in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri, with major in Accounts Management in 2002
  • Bachelors in Accounts Management from United States University in 2000
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Accounts Management

Professional Experience:

REO Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Laurens, IA
Designation: Assistant Accounts Payable Analyst

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring effective accounts management, and ascertaining necessary accuracy and exactness of functions
  • Observing the business functions and accounts payable records to ensure completeness
  • Monitoring procedural developments, and the creditors to manage good business relations
  • Determining the exact results with on time payments and managing effective feedback monitoring system
  • Providing the organization with periodic performance reviews and analysis

YEE Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Hot Springs, AR
Designation: Accounts Payable Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Ensured effective accounts management, and developed procedural stages to manage strong customer relations
  • Supervised accounts functions to prepare summarized reports and documentation, to have sound management decision making
  • Demonstrated strong account management skills with abilities to work in upgraded SAP environment
  • Overseeing invoice processing and settlements of transactions, with effective accounts management


  • Recognized as 'The Manager of the Year 2009' for providing the management with useful findings and research, that resulted into business performance improvement


  • Affiliated to accounts management institution that offers technical assistance to implement new technological developments in the field, and creates awareness about upgraded accounting standards.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Able to handle advanced technological developments into the field with quite an adaptable and flexible approach to management.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Theodore K. Partee

In this way, accounts payable analyst evaluates the creditors and liabilities of the business to ensure, operational excellence of the business and its funds management system. He helps to judge the organizational performance efficiency and provides essential information to improve system.

So, while writing accounts payable analyst resume, throw light on your sound understanding of accounting functions, technical skills, certification courses accomplished, and strong analytical skills to offer organization with the best results.

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