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Extension Agent for Agricultural Resources Resume

Extension agent position forms part of Farm and Home management services. Hence, such extension agents provide the required advisory services, that would serve the clients aim and objectives. Thus, their main responsibilities relate to advising, instructing, providing necessary support functions to the farmers etc.

Most of the times, such advisory support is in connection with procedural developments, and new research in the field of agriculture. So, let your extension for agricultural resources resume, project your familiarity with the current developments in the agriculture field, and their procedural implementation in the field.

Going through positional responsibilities, will surely assist you in identifying key requirements of your resume, and let it discuss your excellence in the field operations.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Providing advisory services and support functions needed to solve queries in relation to farm management
  • Instructing the farmers to offer them with the needed assistance and systematic implementation of technological inputs, to improve production efficiency
  • Providing necessary training to demonstrate the development of farming operations, and monitoring well development of agricultural plants
  • Promoting technological developments and innovative research to create the required awareness about the environmental changes, and solving queries associated with such issues
  • Promoting use of advanced tools, equipment, and machinery to improve agricultural processes and increasing production output
  • Assisting the farmers to carry out procedural tasks and systematic utilization of new researches in the field

Thus, an extension agent performs the function of instructing, guiding, advising, and providing useful support to systematize agricultural operations. It relates to farm management operations, and coping with the new developments in the field. So, an extension agent for agricultural resources resume sample needs to discuss your potential to offer the best services, based on in-depth understanding of new developments in the field.

Here is a sample resume that would guide you to write a well organized resume content.

James M. Kirkland
3780 Rhapsody Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: 352-359-2842
Email Address:


Looking for the position of an extension agent for agricultural resource management, in an organization, where I will get enough exposure, and opportunity to utilize my in-depth understanding of the agricultural operations, and systematically implement the new developments, to get the desired effects.


  • Wide ranging experience at managing farm operations, effectively
  • Proficient at handling agricultural processes and activities
  • Excellent management skills with updated resources
  • Worked as an assistant agricultural engineer for the period of 2 years


  • Strong management and organization skills
  • Expert at handling technological operations
  • Good interpersonal abilities with oral and written communication excellence
  • Problem solving and critical thinking abilities

Technical skills:

  • Handled Microsoft Office functions
  • Familiar with 3D designing and Auto CAD operations
  • Managed database management (DBMS) functions


  • Bachelor's in 'Agricultural Engineering' from Georgia Southwestern State University in 1998
  • Master's in 'Agricultural Management' from Chicago State University, with majors in Agricultural Research in 2000
  • Completed a Diploma course in 'Advanced Agricultural Developments and Process Management'
  • Attended a training program on 'Developing managerial expertise to control agricultural resources and process inputs'

Professional experience:

Extension Agent for Agricultural Resources, TOE Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. La Mesa, CA
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Evaluating and determining the training program needs and requirements, to organize useful workshops and training sessions
  • Developing such training programs to ascertain technological developments in the field
  • Assisting the farmers to implement and meet their demands and requirements in connection with agricultural processes
  • Creating awareness about new technological developments, and their systematic implementation in the field
  • Supporting and promoting use of new tools, technology, machinery, etc., to improve agricultural yield

Extension Agent TEOR Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sheldon, MO
Role and responsibilities

  • Provided management with the useful feedback to have systematic implementation of technological inputs
  • Managed data and record maintenance functions with respect to new research and technological developments
  • Prepared leaflets, pamphlets, and audio visual aids with appealing presentations, to ensure the farmers with the best results
  • Formed clubs, associations, and social institutions that will help the farmers to get their queries solved


  • Recognized as 'The Best Resources Manager' for providing the clients with the well customized plans that will assist in optimum utilization of agricultural resources.
  • Received 'The Best Agricultural Manager' award for organizing effective programs and workshops to solve the farmers problems and agricultural issues in a well integrated way.


Affiliated to a Club formed for discussing new technological developments and researches carried out in agricultural field and developing useful applications to improve agricultural procedures.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Mobile and flexible attitude to look at technical environment changes, and risk taking abilities to face such challenges well. Quite adaptive mindset to generate the expected results, with flexible working hours.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

James M. Kirkland

Thus, write an extension agent for agricultural resources resume, that would cover your sound understanding of the agricultural issues, and speak for your potential to improve agricultural efficiency, by coordinating useful programs. In this manner, let your resume sample present your excellence, and well updated skills, to offer the best advisory and instruction services.

So, effectively analyze positional responsibilities well, and make use of your potential abilities to generate the expected results, in assistance with technological developments. Highlight your abilities to generate the results, and achieve the targets. Put forth your abilities, qualifications, and interests to gather the updated market information to search for new opportunities. Thus, discuss your good instructing and communication abilities to manage the positional jobs well.

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