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Agriculture Scientist Resume

An Agriculture Scientist Resume is written by applicants who want to apply for the agriculture scientist post in the agriculture department. Many agricultural firms hire agricultural scientists so as to increase productivity of crops and vegetables in a limited plot of land. The Agriculture Scientist Resume must portray applicant's knowledge and expertise in the fields that will qualify him for the job. Applicants must follow certain ground rules and criteria while writing a resume for the agricultural scientist post.

Applicants must first choose a certain format style that they feel will be appropriate for constructing their resume. Applicants can do some online research form choosing a format style. After selecting a format applicants can start framing their resume. Applicants should then mention about their personal, details along with their professional and academic details as well.

In the personal details section applicants should write their name, address, email, and contact number. Applicants will write the personal details and place it in the resume as per the format. While writing about academics applicants must mention about their academic scores and degrees they have obtained. Professional details include description of past work experience of the applicant. Applicants can write about the roles and duties performed and designation he was assigned to in the previous company in this section. Applicants should put greater emphasis on the academic and work experience section as the recruiter will put greater emphasis on these aspects of the applicant.

Certain tips that applicants can follow while writing an agriculture scientist resume are as follows

  • Selecting an appropriate format
  • The resume must be divided into subsections like personal, professional and academic details
  • Applicants must mention about their skills and knowledge they possess
  • The resume must be written in a brief and understandable manner
  • Applicants should not use long sentences
  • Casual or informal words and phrases must be avoided
  • Proof reading reduces the risk of grammatical and sentence errors

Sample Agriculture Scientist Resume

Below is a sample agricultural scientist resume that applicants may follow for writing their own resume for their job application.

Timothy Rodriguez
22nd Elbert Street, South Downtown
Miami, Florida (2345 67567)
Telephone: 3244 443332

Career Objective:

To obtain a position in a reputed agricultural company where my knowledge, expertise and skills can be used to increase the productivity of crops thus increasing the profit earning of the company.

Career summary: Highly evolved and trained scientist and researcher in the field of agriculture. Extremely talented, skilled, self motivated worker with a professional experience of 4 years in the field.

Summary of Skills:

Technical Skills:

  • Possess in-depth scientific knowledge in genetic engineering for designing new better varieties of crop species
  • Full knowledge in designing hybrids and crossovers
  • Proficiency in handling various insect and pests related problems
  • In-depth knowledge of providing treatment to crops suffering from various types of diseases.
  • Well familiar with the technicalities involved in the production of crops
  • Good knowledge of the weather and the soil and making conditions favorable for the production of crops
  • Good knowledge on the methods to increase productivity of crops in a limited plot of land

General Skills:

  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Possess excellent work management skills
  • Highly determined and self motivated worker
  • Proficiency in handling computers and good knowledge of various software and applications
  • Can work under pressure and can handle situations either single handedly or can work in a team
  • Good co-worker relationship skills

Professional Experience:

Has worked in a well established agriculture firm for a period of 4 years from 2008 to 2011
Company: Oklahoma Agricultural Department
Designation: Agricultural scientist and researcher

Role and duties performed:

  • Assigned in research work
  • Research on new hybrid species for increasing production
  • Genetic engineering to modify gene for overcoming diseases
  • Ensuring immunity at the time of insect and pests attack
  • Developing new pesticides which is healthy for crops and safe for human consumption
  • Participated in a program associated with green house production of crop and vegetables


  • Masters in Agricultural Science with major in genetic engineering from New York University
  • Bachelors in Agricultural Science with Major in Botany University of Miami
  • Diploma degree in Animal and Plant Science from Miami University

Personal Interest:

Reading books, travelling, net surfing, painting, etc.


I hereby declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge.


Reference letter, appreciation letter, academic reports.

We hope that the above provided tips and sample of Agriculture scientist resume, will surely help applicants to write better resumes for the post.

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