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Agricultural Technician Resume

Agricultural technicians perform highly mechanized and routine tasks, right from analyzing soil, land, topographic details, to assisting agronomists, researchers, or agricultural scientist. Thus, they are specialized in carrying out daily operations in connection with agricultural work, and provide necessary support to experts in completing their research work. So, they perform a number of activities associated with agriculture, and assist professionals to carry out their work. Though, mostly they are linked with farm work, they can work in agricultural process industries also. Thus, your agricultural technician resume needs to focus on your skills to discharge daily routinized farm activities, and physical strength to perform such jobs efficiently. It should effectively present your understanding of such tasks, and thereby relevant skills set to accomplish them in a better way.

Example of Resume

Luis R. Drake
4141 Pearcy Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46397
Phone: 267-274-2593
Email Address:


Seeking for a better position where I can utilize my in depth knowledge and understanding of the agricultural activities, to provide effective agricultural technician services, and thereby, handle independent responsibilities to run a farm in a better way.


  • Extensive experience at handling agricultural activities and managed farm work effectively
  • Assisted an agricultural technologist
  • Proficient at managing organized farm work
  • Excellently analyzed soil characteristics and topographical areas requirements to offer the best effects
  • Supervised and monitored development of the scientific and systematic farming techniques to improve agricultural efficiency


  • Outstanding farm management and organization
  • Familiar with the agricultural advancements and useful applications to improve agricultural production
  • Strong administration and supervising skills
  • High technical excellence at dealing with farm equipments and machinery
  • Good decision making abilities in connection with farm work

Technical skills:

  • Excellent farm tools and equipments management functions
  • Database management functions
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office functions


  • Gardening and planting trees
  • Internet surfing to know about the current market scenario and useful technological advancements in farming


  • Bachelor's in 'Science' from University of Northern Lowa in 2001
  • Accomplished a diploma in 'Bacteriological Technician Services Management'
  • Attended a seminar on 'Advanced Agricultural Management Tools and Techniques'
  • Attended 'The Agricultural Technology Program' to understand the new technological advancements, and think about their relevant applications for agriculture sector

Professional experience:

Agricultural Technician, Soya's Farm Albuquerque, NM
2011-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Supervised and monitored development of farm activities by applying new technological developments in the field of farm management
  • Carried out repairs and maintenance of farm equipments to keep them in order and utilized them for reaping the desired effects
  • Handled analytical work to assess soil characteristics and managed various activities from soil analysis to harvesting functions
  • Implemented a water conservation plant effectively to improve agricultural efficiency and optimum utilization of natural resources

Assistant Agricultural Technologist; RWO Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. Wyoming, MI
Role and responsibilities

  • Assisted an agricultural technologist in carrying out research and development functions, and contributed effectively in developing useful plants, which can be grown without pesticides and chemicals
  • Assisted in discovering the real cause behind plant diseases and thereby generated an effective solution to solve it
  • Carried out effective functions to analyze environmental requirements and creation of a new species, which is stronger and powerful
  • Supported the technologist in creating necessary documentations and records to refer to
  • Managed effective database to keep all research data intact and generating procedural stages for effective application


  • Recognized as 'The Manager of the year 2007', for providing essential support functions to carry out research project and its successful completion


  • Affiliated to 'The National Institute of Research and Development' for understanding new technological developments in agriculture and to get acquainted with the effective implementation process

Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready to work in flexible shifts, and capable of handling independent responsibilities. Willing to offer the best services with quick learning and adaptable aptitude as per environmental demands and requirements. Ready to serve anywhere in the States.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Luis R. Drake

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