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Agricultural Loan Officer Resume

Agricultural loan officers have an expertise in dealing with the loan disbursement linked with agricultural sector. Their prime responsibilities relate to analyzing the needs of an applicant, authorizing and recommending loan proposals, and have good track record as far as its repayment is concerned. Hence, they have to make an in-depth evaluation of the given projects, based on pre-established parameters.

An agricultural loan officer needs to perform a variety of analysis to arrive at rational justification for offering loans, and keeping track record of the same. It is offered for commercial, agricultural, or real estate purpose. It includes credit or cash loans, to fulfill the applicant's requirement, associated with agriculture. So, an agricultural loan officer needs to discharge a variety of jobs; some of the major functions can be listed as follows.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Carrying out effective evaluation to understand the client's need, and analyzing rational justification for the same
  • Authorizing the necessary amount and recommending the proposal or application for getting approval from superior authority
  • Providing useful advice to the applicants to provide them with the essential guidance in connection with mortgage
  • Keeping track record of the loans offered to ensure appropriate use of the given amount for which it is raised
  • Monitoring the finance issues in connection with procedural formalities, and deciding the payment terms for the applicant
  • Providing expert opinion for availing the government facilities, and thereby, managing the various issues in the most effective manner
  • Seeking useful help from loan underwriters, and loan servicing officers to provide the client with the best possible services

Resume Example

Peter M. Ferebee
4219 Monroe Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 573-472-6382
Email Address:


Aspiring for the position of an Agricultural Loan Officer, with an experience of 7 years at handling loan disbursement issues, and providing loan facilities to the agricultural sector requirements, with the needed concentration of the guaranteed returns.


  • Experience at handling procedural formalities and loan approval issues
  • Worked as an assistance financial advisor for 2 years
  • Provided effective support to clients as an advisory authority and dealt with the finance issues efficiently
  • Proficient at analyzing the finance requirements to offer help to needy ones
  • Excellent analytical and comprehensive abilities with the needed rational approach


  • Outstanding mathematical and analytical abilities
  • Logical thinking abilities with expertise in deductive reasoning
  • Strong communicative power with good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent at providing advisory support functions
  • Critical thinking abilities with sound decision making skills

Technical skills:

  • Effectively handled database management (DBMS) functions
  • Proficient at handling Microsoft Office functions
  • Outstanding computer management skills


  • Bachelor's in 'Finance Management' with a major in Credit Management from California Institute of Technology, in 2000
  • Diploma in 'Computer Management' from the University of Southern California, in 2002
  • Pursuing my Ph. D. with a research project on financial trends and effective financial systems management techniques
  • Completed a training program on 'Advanced Agricultural Issues and Credit Management'

Professional experience:

Agricultural Loan Officer Finance Industries Pvt. Ltd. Fort Wayne, IN
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Evaluating various proposals and applications to support management with effective decision making
  • Providing useful support associated with financial matters by analyzing given proposals in depth, and studying past records of applicants
  • Using a variety of financial tools and techniques to offer the management with exact and accurate assessment
  • Monitoring individual's performance with the required feedback monitoring system and ascertaining full conformance to the organizational policies and procedures
  • Providing necessary judgments based on systematic approach development and the information collected

Agricultural Loan Officer; TETW Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Jupiter, FL
Role and responsibilities

  • Provided efficient support to manage loan disbursement issues and assisted in having a sound decision making based on rational views
  • Helped customers to apply and obtain for loan facilities by providing them with necessary advisory services
  • Evaluated loan proposals to improve loan approval chances by managing presentations and project management
  • Assisted the management to distribute loans to needy people with guaranteed repayment
  • Identifying customer specific requirements and designing useful plans for repayment schemes


  • Awarded with the research fellowship for carrying out effective current market, and financial system analysis
  • Recognized as 'The Best Performer of the Year 2009', for increasing the client base and causing effective increase of 15% in the annual profit
  • Awarded with 'The Quality Contributor of the Year 2010', for identifying the customer requirements, and designing innovative plans to serve their interests


  • Affiliated to a Financial Institution for creating and developing a habit of savings, among the citizens of America
  • An active member of a society functioning for creating awareness about new technological and financial developments in the market, and discussing such issues with a wider platform

Mobility and Flexibility:

Mobile and flexible to provide highly efficient financial services, with the necessary critical analysis


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct, and true as per my knowledge.

Peter M. Ferebee

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