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Agricultural Equipment Operator Resume

Agricultural equipment operators carry out a variety of activities with the help of equipments to ensure good farming operations. They plant, cultivate, and assist in harvesting operations. Their main responsibility relates to keeping farm equipments intact, and operate those equipments to discharge various farm operations. Thus, the efficient handling of various tools and equipments make it easy for them to reap the desired effects. This helps to increase operational efficiency of the farm.

In this manner, if you have a good hand over agricultural equipment operations, you can apply for such job offers. In such case, your resume needs to highlight your prior working experience at handling such tools and equipments. Your well acquaintance with the farm activities ensures the employer about your sound practice about work, and harvesting functions. Focus on your abilities to drive those farm equipments, such as tractor, cutter, hay baler, etc. The agricultural equipment operator is responsible for carrying out a variety of tasks, as a part of his employment on the farm.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Operating farm tools, machinery, and equipments to carry out cultivation, cropping, cutting, and harvesting functions in a better way
  • Taking good care of such farm equipments, and doing regular oiling and checking work to ensure good and timely use of such tools
  • Adjusting, correcting, modifying, or replacing the troublesome parts of such equipments
  • Increasing production efficiency with systematic utilization of such machinery to perform various functions
  • Improving operational efficiency, by ensuring effective manipulation of advanced technological developments in the field
  • Creation and implementation of agricultural techniques to ascertain the best possible results

Resume Sample

Robert C. Vasquez
1070 Center Street
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541-365-2582
Email Address:


Looking for an Equipment Operator's position in the agricultural field, where I can utilize my widely gained knowledge and practice, to handle agricultural equipment operations and serve the daily requirements of farming.


  • Extensive knowledge and practice at handling agricultural equipments
  • Offered technical support functions to manage farm operations
  • Proficient at dealing with agricultural tools and mechanisms
  • Handled jobs in connection with lawn and garden equipments stores
  • Dealt with the tractor and baler operations


  • Outstanding operational performance at managing system excellence
  • Excellent organization and management abilities
  • Good at handling cropping and harvesting operations
  • Strong interpersonal abilities to work as a team

Technical skills:

  • Excellence at managing Microsoft Office functions
  • Proficient at solving troubleshooting operations
  • Good at database management work

Professional experience:

Agricultural Equipment Operator; ERU Agro Work Ltd. Indianapolis, IN
2011- till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Observed primary requirements of agricultural management activities and provided the farm manager with necessary operational support
  • Planting, cultivating, spraying and harvesting functions with the help of farm equipments to generate desired effects
  • Carried out effective analysis to determine soil requirements and manage necessary activities to improve its fertility
  • Operated farm machinery to solve malfunctioning issues; dealt with required support operations to correct, adjust and replace necessary parts, as and when required.

Assistant Agricultural Equipment Operator, Hayfield, MN
Role and responsibilities

  • Assisted agricultural personnel to offer quality and timely operational services
  • Supported an agricultural operation manager with the useful technical handling of equipments
  • Drove useful farming tools and machinery like a tractor for land cultivation, maintenance and harvesting operations
  • Analyzed field requirements, and carried out leveling and other associated functions for land development
  • Operated a variety of tools and equipments to serve the farm requirements and managed necessary data effectively


  • Bachelor's in 'Agricultural Management' from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2001
  • Completed a diploma course in 'Advanced Agricultural technology Management'
  • Attended a training program on 'How to Increase Your Operational Efficiency', by learning a lot many new concepts and innovations


  • Caused 15% production increase, by carrying out leveling and implementation of new technological development in agriculture


  • Affiliated to the club creating awareness about new technological developments and ensuring its systematic applications in the field to get the desired effects
  • An active member of an association functioning for creating awareness about environmental friendly researches and thereby, contributing towards environmental preservation

Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready to work anywhere in the States, with an ability to offer the best services. Mobile and adaptable as per environmental needs and demands, to have enough flexibility of operations. Able to performance strenuous physical work with assured results.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Robert C. Vasquez

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