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Agricultural Biologist Scientist Resume

Agricultural Biologist Scientists utilize knowledge about various disciplinary branches and apply them to get the best possible results, by carrying out necessary experiments. They are responsible for organizing effective processes, invent new seeds, plants that will protect environment and result into increased agricultural efficiency. They need have sound understanding of various theologies and branches, that provide them with the necessary guidelines, to develop specific experiments.

An agricultural biologist resume sample needs to justify your research and development abilities, with good experience at carrying out useful experiments. Highlighting your understanding of the different mechanisms, agronomic developments, and disciplines like biology, zoology, etc. It will surely, prove to be beneficial for you. To know more about the positional responsibilities, you can go through the given details.

Resume Example

Jerry B. Howell
924 Riverwood Drive
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 736-283-7832
Email Address:


Aspiring for the positional responsibilities, as an Agricultural Biologist Scientist in an organization, where I would get enough exposure and independent responsibilities, to handle the scientific work to utilize my wide gained knowledge in the field, and offer new discoveries.


  • Extensive 10 years of experience at managing agronomic research and assistance
  • Worked as a technical assistant to carry out biology research projects at Agriculture and Agri-Food Industries Ltd., for 2 years
  • Expertise at handling research and development functions
  • Managed biological discoveries to improve the agricultural efficiency, with required concentration of environmental protection functions
  • Proficiently developed useful disciplinary applications


  • Outstanding research and development abilities with necessary comprehensive abilities
  • Strong application oriented approach to biotechnological operations
  • Good analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Capable of working under stress with high management and organization skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities

Technical skills:

  • Proficient at handling Microsoft Office functions
  • Excellent at managing Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing) operations
  • Well acquainted with database management (DBMS) functions


  • Botanical Society of America graduate majored in Agricultural Biology Management in 2000
  • Master's in 'Agricultural Engineering' from the University of Florida in 2002
  • Completed Ph. D in Genetics, Bioinformatics
  • Attended 6 months training program on 'Recent Developments in Agricultural Biology and their Relevant Applications for Biotechnology Management
  • Attended a seminar on 'New Agricultural Engineering Developments and their Scientific Utilization in Agriculture

Professional experience:

Agricultural Biologist Scientist; TTYR Agri-Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. Lindale, TX
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Carrying out effective research with biological efforts to determine species development that will serve the market requirements
  • Evaluating the crop and non-crop opportunities to be researched on and consequently developing useful techniques and measures
  • Assessing the soil requirements to manage new plant development and providing necessary inputs to get the required result
  • Analyzing the soil and seeds potential, to carry out biogeographical and ecology analysis
  • Developing useful cultivation tools and techniques to improve agriculture operational efficiency
  • Discovering new species that will generate increased output with the same amount of input an area coverage

Assistant Agricultural Biologist Scientist; EPO Agricultural Industries Ltd. Marquette, MI
Role and responsibilities

  • Provided useful technical support to grow newly discovered species
  • Assisted in carrying out research onto wheat physiology and discovering the new strong species to serve the environmental imbalances
  • Analyzed effects of genetically modified BT maize and monitored careful evaluations to have an effective control
  • Examined the soil and ecological environment requirements to discover the new species features in advance
  • Tested samples and the species generated to get the necessary feedback before growing them into the actual environment
  • Supported the agricultural biologist scientist in carrying out research and supervised sequential and procedural developments of new species


  • Received 'The BSA Graduate Student Research Award 2002' for understanding genome interactions within the cabbage family, using phylogenetic methods


  • An active member of 'The Botanical Club of America' for discussing the new biotechnological discoveries, in agriculture and their relevant effects on the ecology
  • A member of The Alumni Association of the ex-students of 'The Botanical Society of America'

Mobility and Flexibility:

Highly mobile, and flexible attitude to serve the changing environmental demands and requirements, with keen research abilities. Quick learner with a necessary adaptable mindset.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Jerry B. Howell

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