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Ramp Planner Resume

In this ramp planner resume sample, the job applicants will receive some of the crucial ideas of creating a well drafted resume. Generally, a professional resume starts with the contact details of the job applicant. This resume example is acceptable in terms of style and content. The information is presented in a precise manner. The skills and experience sections communicate all the relevant information that add value to the resume. The aim of this ramp planner resume is to educate the job seekers in writing a great resume. You can use this resume example as a tool for writing an effective resume. It is written in the reverse chronological order with the details of the current and previous employers. You can make use of this ramp planner resume for writing a good resume.

The job responsibilities of a ramp planner include keeping track of aircrafts at the time of arrival, coordinating in ground operation activities, maintaining flight schedules, dispatching ground service units such as cleaners and baggage handlers and aircraft operations time schedules, monitoring and overseeing ramp operation activities, updating inconsistencies in ramp operation activities to the operation head, ensuring that the services meet the quality standards and procedures, developing and maintaining operating procedures of cargo handling activities, and providing service within the set aviation standards.

George Sullivan
345 Gullivan Street, California
Phone: (333)-790-3410

Career Objective:

Hands-on experience in managing and coordinating in handling safety standards and procedures of ground level activities. Looking for a responsible position as a ramp planner in a major aviation firm.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Hands-on experience in providing support in handling inbound and outbound aircraft services
  • In-depth knowledge of aviation operation standards and regulatory guidelines
  • Comprehensive knowledge of handling ground level activities such as providing signal instructions, baggage handling, and administrative activities
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with excellent multitasking skills
  • Skilled in providing customer service in the best and effective manner

Educational Summary:

High School Diploma, 2010
Little Rose School, California

Work Experience:

Organization: Madline Airlines, California
Duration: September 2012 till date
Designation: Ramp Planner

  • Perform the task of providing support in areas of aircraft scheduling and other administrative activities of the aviation sector
  • Perform the responsibility of taking care of passenger baggages and other necessary transportation goods
  • Handle the task of loading and unloading the passenger baggages from one location of the airport to the other
  • Responsible for maintaining flight schedules and coordinating ground operation activities
  • Shoulder the responsibility of planning and dividing the functionality of ground operation staff for handling various activities
  • Handle the task of handling freight and express parcels as well as monitoring all ground service activities
  • Perform the responsibility of providing safety guidelines to the passengers in taxiways and gate areas

Organization: Glamour Sky Services, California
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012
Designation: Junior Ramp Planner

  • Handled the responsibility of pushing and towing aircrafts from one location to the other under the instructions of the ground staff lead
  • Performed the task of handling passenger cargoes and ground activities by following the standard procedures
  • Handled the responsibility of cleaning the interiors of aircrafts and providing support to the physically disabled passengers in moving forward at the time of departure and arrival
  • Responsible for providing safety guidelines to the passengers while moving from the airplane ground to the main airport area
  • Handled the responsibility of assisting the passengers to get to the rescue area during the emergency situations
  • Performed the task of updating any ground related issues to the senior staff as well as ensuring that the operation of ramp activities is following the standard procedures
  • Handled all other assigned tasks as required under the instructions of the ground manager


Will be pleased to provide upon request

If you are proceeding towards the making of your job application, the most important thing that you should know is to write a great resume. The goal of this ramp planner resume is to assist you in writing a resume that sets you off in the right direction. After reviewing the sample, you will be able to draft a resume that makes you a suitable candidate for the job opening. Feel free to review the sample and get ready to know all that is really important to include in your resume. This ramp planner resume sample is sure to help you in recognizing the ideal way of writing a resume that makes you the ideal job applicant.

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