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Helicopter Pilot Resume

A resume has to do a lot in getting the right job. It is the basis of getting a job interview which leads to getting a job opportunity. A resume should do more than just marking a list of skills and total job experience. This means that it has to be effective and appealing. One can achieve a job interview only when the resume meets the expectations of the employer. Therefore, one needs to inform the potential employers about his past experience as well as the future prospects. Well, this helicopter pilot resume sample exposes the art of writing a resume that meets the requirements of the employer. With the help of this sample, one can know what method to follow in drafting a unique resume.

Helicopter pilot performs the transportation of passengers and cargoes from one place to the other. It is the major task of a helicopter pilot to ensure that the operation procedures are in compliance with the flight regulatory guidelines and procedures.

Some of the job responsibilities of a helicopter pilot include carrying goods and passengers, inspecting aircraft systems, providing support in emergency situations by transporting accident victims and food to natural disaster areas, preparing flight plan activities, monitoring the functionality of helicopter control systems, determining flight routes, troubleshooting operational issues, tracking flight hours, maintaining and repairing the helicopter parts, ensuring that the helicopter is well equipped before the commencement of operation, operating and maintaining helicopter equipment, handling helicopter navigation processes, handling rescue activities, etc.

The job of a helicopter pilot demands sound knowledge of flight operation procedures including the repairing and maintenance standards. The role demands the applicant to have a valid license approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with good knowledge of helicopter components and parts.

Mackey Howard
1111 Cherry St Road, Illnois 60126
Phone: (111)-450-5410

Job Objective:

To acquire a challenging position as a helicopter pilot in an organization that offers an opportunity to utilize my experience towards professional growth and development.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of helicopter operational procedures and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines
  • In-depth knowledge of flight safety operation procedures, flight equipment, and emergency handling techniques
  • Extensive knowledge of helicopter parts, repairing techniques, and safety hazards
  • Familiar with weather inspection techniques and experience in loading the emergency fighting equipment and providing instructions to the passengers in handling emergency situations
  • Attention to detail with excellent communication, management, and organizational skills
  • Excellent team player with strong coordination and organizational skills

Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences
Illinois University, 2010


Commercial Rotorcraft License
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Work Experience:

Organization: Sebel Helicopter, Illnois
Duration: September 2012 till date
Designation: Pilot

  • Handle the task of preparing flight operation plans, checking flights before the operation, and preparing flight test plans
  • Shoulder the responsibility of checking weather conditions, handling pre-flight checking activities, and testing tools and equipment
  • Perform the task of ensuring that the helicopter is in safe working condition by performing necessary testing procedures and taking precautionary measures
  • Responsible for preparing safety details and loading cargoes as well as fueling the helicopter
  • Handle the responsibility of providing safety guidelines and instructions to the passengers
  • Complete the task of preparing flight testing reports as well as providing technical support to the ground level staff
  • Perform the responsibility of maintaining flight logs and other essential documents

Organization: Bileen Corporation, Illnois
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012
Designation: Junior Pilot

  • Shouldered the responsibility of assisting the senior helicopter pilot in preparing air routes and flight schedules
  • Handled the task of maintaining helicopter control systems and repairing tools and equipment
  • Performed the responsibility of updating weather reports prior to flight operation
  • Responsible for transporting the passengers and inspecting technical functions
  • Handled the task of checking weather forecast, preparing flight operation status reports, and providing support in handling emergency situations
  • Responsible for assisting the senior staff in troubleshooting technical failures


Will be pleased to provide upon request

The above resume example speaks in detail about the techniques of preparing a professional resume. The introductory line is strong and catchy to hold the attention of the potential employer. Even the information provided in each of the sections is brief and to the point. This resume will play an important part in writing a resume that is professional and unique. You are free to evaluate all the sections of the sample to get complete knowledge of drafting a winning and appealing resume. This sample will make your profile interesting and also boost your chances of winning the job interview.

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