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Ground Attendant Resume

The first thing that you expect from your employer after sending your resume is a job interview. This is not an easy thing to achieve. For this, a well written resume should be at hand. A well prepared and well drafted resume is a good way to show that you are a suitable candidate for the job opening. Here is a resume example that exactly brings into detail the technique of writing an effective resume. It has been drafted in a perfect and polished way, so as to help you to land a job interview. This ground attendant resume example has been carefully written with special attention on the various sections that make it look organized and professional. The main aim of this resume is to help you to build an image of a perfect candidate in the mind of the employer.

A career as a ground attendant in the aviation sector is a good one to opt for. The profile generally comes under the category of customer contact or transportation of luggages to the assigned destinations. There are different job profiles that one can apply for within the two domains.

Some of the profiles include customer care professional, ticketing service agent, and baggage handler. Ground attendant functions as a member of the aviation crew services who takes care of the safety and comfort of the passengers. The roles and responsibilities may vary from one airport to another. Some of the common responsibilities of a ground attendant are providing assistance during emergency situations, inspecting aircraft landing to ensure safe landing, providing proper guidelines to customers, and reporting any identified issues to the supervisor.

This ground attendant resume provides in detail the job skills and responsibilities of the position, giving you a good insight of the job profile.

Donna Scherzo
6710 Davis Rd,
Metropolis, IL 62960
Phone: (444)-785-0349

Career Goals:

Experienced aviation service ground attendant with diverse knowledge of the loading/unloading and sorting of baggages. Seeking a responsible position as a ground attendant in a prestigious aviation service firm.


  • More than three years of professional experience in handling aircraft ground activities and services
  • Comprehensive knowledge of ground service and work activities, aviation services, and operation procedures
  • Familiar with the federal aviation standards, safe working practices, and guidelines
  • Ability to lift, move, and transfer heavy aircraft equipment and machinery
  • Skilled in providing effective customer service with excellent communication skills
  • Ability to respond to emergency situations in a quick and effective manner

Work History:

Organization: Air Illinois, Illinois | May 2012 till date
Profile: Ground Attendant

  • Responsible for the loading and unloading of passenger cargoes and other luggages
  • Handle the task of transporting goods to and from the ramp to the destination
  • Shoulder the responsibility of assisting the staff in the operation and maintenance of ground equipment
  • Perform the task of assisting the repairing staff in repairing belt loaders and ground power units
  • Handle the responsibility of loading specialized goods and equipment by following the standard procedures
  • Responsible for assisting the passengers by providing directions in moving from the ground to the destination
  • Complete the task of providing service related to the maintenance of potable water systems and other parts as required

Organization: Wind Aviation, Illinois | March 2010 to April 2012
Profile: Junior Ground Attendant

  • Completed the task of providing support to the passengers in airport terminal and other areas
  • Performed the responsibility of answering the questions about fares to the passengers
  • Handled the task of locating lost baggages and providing assistance to disabled persons by moving their wheelchairs
  • Responsible for connecting the passengers with the particular flights when required
  • Performed all other job responsibilities as assigned

Educational Qualifications:

High School Diploma, 2010
Illinois High School, Illinois

Considering the importance of a resume in the competitive job market, we have provided the above resume sample for your reference. Writing a resume is something which is not easy, but no one can avoid writing the same if he/she is planning to get a job. This ground attendant resume example is a fine explanation on how to summarize the entire profile information in a simple and the most effective manner. You need not take much effort in writing a resume when this resume sample is at hand. The target of this sample is to win a job interview which will finally help in landing the dream job.

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