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Flight Instructor Resume

Planning to write a flight instructor resume? Well, you need a great resume example to guide you in the entire writing process. Your success in any job application depends on how you prepare your resume. Hence, it is essential to consider all the parameters required for building a perfect resume. This flight instructor resume is here to teach you the art of drafting a perfect and unique resume. The structure of this sample will help you to master the art of effective resume writing. If you are an aspiring applicant who is desperate to have a face to face interview, this resume will work the best for you.

A flight instructor is also known as an aircraft instructor. The major task of a flight instructor normally involves teaching about aircraft flying, both at sky and ground level. The flight instructor requires a license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to function. Flight instructor provides basic and fundamental training to the aviation students to fly airplanes. He is considered as an experienced, skilled, and professional instructor who possesses a teaching certificate to teach students.

The teachings of a flight instructor in ground school classes revolve around the techniques that are needed to acquire the basic flying skills. The work also involves teaching students in reading and interpreting airplane instrument panels and educating about the principles of science related to flying. A flight instructor's main job target is to help students in acquiring the skills of flying an aircraft. To achieve the goal, the flight instructor demonstrates the principles of flight, operation of aircraft and equipment, flying regulations, weather factors, and techniques of controlling airplanes in emergency situations.

The job description of a flight instructor includes the work of providing training sessions related to aircraft systems, aircraft navigation, aerodynamics, equipment operation and maintenance procedures, developing of appropriate curriculums, designing and implementation of new teaching methodologies, and teaching the use of dual-controlled airplanes and aircraft systems.

Oliver White
392 Saint Street, Tulsa, OK 74116
(918) 222 2387

Job Objective:

Skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced flight instructor with diverse knowledge of aircraft operation and maintenance. Seeking a responsible position as a flight instructor in a renowned aviation service.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of aircraft flying techniques, flight maneuvers, and aircraft systems
  • In-depth knowledge of the theories and principles of mathematics, physics, and geography
  • Extensive knowledge of aerodynamics, flight characteristics, and aircraft teaching procedures
  • Familiar with the FAA regulations, flight instructional techniques, and examination procedures
  • Well versed with the latest flight instructional techniques and designing procedure of the standard aviation training programs
  • Possesses excellent knowledge of the operating systems and procedures of flight
  • Ability to interact professionally with students and possesses strong organizational and management skills
  • Skilled in planning, designing, and implementing effective flight training programs

Work Experience:

Title: Flight Instructor
Organization: ZXE Airlines, Ok
Tenure: June, 2012 to present

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for providing directions and guidelines in flight operation activities and the designing of training programs
  • Handle the responsibility of determining training requirements of the staff to provide suitable demo and training related to aircraft flying to the students
  • Shoulder the responsibility of monitoring aircraft maintenance procedures and observe the progress of the designed training programs
  • Perform the task of filing incident reports, inspecting aircrafts before practice sessions, and providing safety measures to the students
  • Responsible for timely completion of flight training course and planning effective guidelines to handle emergency situations
  • Perform the task of performing flight instruction activities by following the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and standards
  • Handle the responsibility of providing recommendations in courseware improvement to develop appropriate training requirements

Title: Assistant Flight Instructor
Organization: Swiss Group, Ok
Tenure: May, 2010 to April, 2012

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for assisting the flight instructor in planning flight training activities as well as overseeing the flight training programs
  • Handle the task of planning flying programs and performing the maintenance of aircraft equipment
  • Shoulder the responsibility of performing initial stage check and providing support to the students in clearing flight license exams
  • Responsible for planning teaching goals and objectives and ensuring that the designed course standards meet the set goals
  • Handle the task of preparing and maintaining student training record, progress reports, and logbook
  • Shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that the designed training programs meet the flight aviation safety rules and regulations
  • Responsible for assisting the training staff in formulating training programs to achieve specific training goals

Education Details:

Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management
University of Oklahoma, OK
Year of Passing: 2010

The goal behind providing this flight instructor resume is to help you in obtaining a job interview. It communicates all the essential knowledge and work experience associated with the position. Job applicants can utilize the sample by editing the sections according to their needs. The format and style of this resume is simple, effective, and easy to follow. This resume example will help you to speak volumes about your skills and experience in the most compelling and impressive manner.

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