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Flight Attendant Resume

A flight attendant is a person who works in the flight operations and caters to the passengers' needs, serving food, beverages, and reading or entertainment materials such as magazines and instructing about all the safety procedures and equipment on board. In short, she is the one who manages the entire in-flight operation, ensuring that the air journey is executed as smoothly as possible for all the passengers.

The team of flight attendants comprises of air hostesses and male flight stewards, who work alongside the air hostesses to conduct the overall responsibilities. An ideal candidate for this post must have a prior experience of at least one year in this field. On the education front, she must have a high school diploma with formal training in this field from a recognized aviation training academy. The age of the candidate for this post must be between 18-21 years.

Following is a flight attendant resume sample for you to go through.

Mindy Mann
1234 Ogilvy Drive
West Lafayette, IN 64000


Seeking to achieve a challenging and suitably remunerating position of Flight Attendant in a leading airline company, utilizing my skills of working in a team to achieve the highest standards of flight services.

Profile Summary

  • Extensive experience of 6 years working as a Flight Attendant with XYZ Airlines, Phoenix, AZ and RRR Airlines, Phoenix, AZ
  • Good at conducting customer needs assessment and meeting them suitably with good service
  • Extensive focus on quality in-flight experience for the passengers
  • Excellent in delivering efficient communications skills with knowledge of 2 overseas languages – German and French
  • Ability to pay attention to minute details, as minute details add up to a larger experience for the passengers
  • Ability to deliver good interpersonal skills while working with the co-workers on board

Skills Summary

  • Ability to tackle all kinds of passengers without any difficulty
  • Confident in communicating with people and possesses great mannerism
  • Always believes in serving the passengers with a smile and patiently listening to their complaints, if any
  • Trained extensively from UTP Academy, AZ in in-flight hospitality and service
  • Ability to work under pressure and still fulfill the responsibilities in an efficient and orderly manner

Work Experience

XYZ Airlines, Phoenix, AZ
Flight Attendant (June 2010 - Present)

  • Ensuring personal comfort of all the fliers present in the aircraft and keeping note of the things required anytime by them during the flight
  • Greeting the passengers merrily, checking their tickets, and directing them to their seats
  • Distributing beverages and snacks during the flight
  • Demonstrating, prior to takeoff, to the fliers all the safety procedures and explaining them how to use the safety gear (oxygen mask, life jacket, etc.)
  • Keeping the passengers updated about the arrival time, external temperature, and turbulence level, if any
  • Placing the passengers' handbags in the overhead carriage
  • Noting down any important instructions prior to take off during the staff meetings
  • Ensuring before take off that all the supplies such as drinks, snacks, sheets, and blankets have been sufficiently stocked

RRR Airline
Flight Attendant (May 2007 - May 2010)

  • Assisting the passengers to settle in their respective seats
  • Giving procedural instructions to the passengers at the time of take off and landing
  • Serving food and beverages to the passengers in their seats
  • Managing the in-flight inventory including sheets, towels, blankets, toiletries, etc.
  • Ensuring that everyone on board is in compliance with the procedures of the flight
  • Administering first-aid to those in distress and medical need
  • Assisting the passengers to know about the in-flight entertainment and electrical systems


  • Graduation in Aviation Management from Frank Lynn Institute, AZ, 2007
  • High School Diploma from Saint Joseph School, West Lafayette, IN, 2004


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References available upon request.

This sample is a simple and ideally structured form of flight attendant resume. Remember to follow all the headings and subheadings in a chronological order as done here. Do not populate any section with too much of information. Keep the resume short and to the point; otherwise, the recruiter may avoid reading your resume and rather go for other apt sized resumes. This resume sample is enough to train you in writing an optimum resume to impress the recruiter. Write it with special stress on your USPs and achievements. This will make your resume stand out from the pile of thousands of other resume applications.

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