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Fleet Mechanic Resume

If you are planning to get a job interview to land your dream job, it is essential for you to learn the art of preparing a well structured resume. The ultimate aim of this fleet mechanic resume example is to help you to set off in the right path. The steps and guidelines provided in this resume example are effective enough to get you inside the interview room. This resume communicates key points that are really important to stand out from the crowd of applicants. Needless to say, a properly drafted resume proves as a strong and effective marketing tool that helps you to secure a job interview. The below given resume example begins with clear contact details of the applicant followed by a standard resume template.

The job description of a fleet mechanic includes inspecting and repairing automobile parts, maintaining hydraulic systems, replacing worn parts, repairing electrical and exhaust systems, maintaining records of vehicle maintenance, cleaning the garage, vehicle equipment, and other parts, installing vehicle equipment and systems, testing brake systems, fabrication, and wielding of parts, repairing cooling systems, adjusting vehicle parts, and maintaining exhaust systems.

A fleet mechanic should possess excellent knowledge of welding and fabrication techniques, hydraulic systems, equipment maintenance and repairing techniques, automotive tools and equipment, mechanical systems, and standard procedures. A high school diploma holder is eligible to become a fleet mechanic.

Rendy Howard
45628 Balnut East Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: (444)-646-4146

Career Objective:

Diverse knowledge of repairing and installing automobile parts and handling major and minor mechanical and maintenance works of various types of automobiles. Seeking an opportunity to work as a fleet mechanic for ensuring professional growth and development.

Professional Strengths:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the methods, techniques, and standard tools used for the repairing and maintenance of vehicle parts
  • In-depth knowledge of mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, and welding and fabrication techniques
  • Extensive knowledge of mechanical tools and equipment, standard safety procedures, electrical systems, and diesel engines
  • Skilled in identifying, troubleshooting, and repairing the parts and components of vehicles
  • Detail oriented with the ability to follow both oral and written form of instructions through effective communication
  • Possesses strong management skills and ability to work in a team environment

Professional Experience:

Organization: Garage International, Ohio
Duration: June 2012 till date
Designation: Fleet Mechanic

  • Responsible for the inspection of automobile parts and equipment to identify the parts that need repairing
  • Handle the task of operating and testing the functions of vehicle parts to ensure proper and smooth functioning
  • Perform the responsibility of diagnosing, installing, repairing, and performing preventative maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • Responsible for the adjusting, removing, and replacing of worn parts of vehicles
  • Shoulder the responsibility of collision repairing of vehicle parts, lubrication and oil changing, and repairing of propane powered engines
  • Handle the task of installing and repairing the emergency equipment used for fire and ambulance services
  • Perform the responsibility of identifying the vehicle parts that require maintenance by using standard testing equipment

Organization: Business Inc, Ohio
Duration: May 2010 to March 2012
Designation: Junior Fleet Mechanic

  • Handled the responsibility of repairing and maintaining light and heavy duty vehicles
  • Performed the task of overseeing the inventory of vehicle parts and preparing records of vehicle maintenance
  • Shouldered the responsibility of performing safety inspections of vehicle equipment
  • Handled the task of repairing vehicle brakes, power systems, and hydraulic systems
  • Responsible for identifying vehicle parts that need replacement as well as ordering vehicle parts that are not in stock
  • Handled all other job responsibilities as required

Educational Summary:

Achieved High School Diploma in the year 2010
Saint Joseph School, Ohio

Writing and sending a resume is the way to communicate to your potential employer about the skills and job exposure to fill in the position. With the increase in job competition, a poorly drafted resume is not going to take you forward in the positive direction. Therefore, a professionally drafted resume that focuses on the requirements of the potential employer is a must to win a job interview. The concept of effective resume simply indicates communicating relevant information in a clear and precise way. The above fleet mechanic resume example will certainly have a positive effect in your job application process.

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