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Ferry Pilot Resume

All target and result oriented resumes follow the basic guidelines and techniques of effective resume writing. While you are preparing your job application document, you don't need to worry much about how things work in the interview and selection process. The only thing you need to concentrate on is how to have a perfectly and neatly drafted resume. The resume example provided in this page is bold and appealing enough to convince the employer for a job interview. The main reason behind designing this resume is to make the job applicants aware of the ideal way of writing a resume that lands a face to face job interview. The opening line is bold enough to make the employer give a second thought to take the effort of going into the details. We assure you that this resume example is the best way to start with the writing process.

When applying for a job as a ferry pilot, all you need to do is to give priority to draft a perfectly written resume. A perfect resume is one that is drafted by following the fundamentals of effective resume writing. The below given ferry pilot resume is a unique example of perfect resume writing. It covers every vital requirement in terms of style, content, and presentation of information. All you have to do is to review the sample with a view to utilize it in the best way.

The job profile of a ferry pilot includes providing direction of flights, checking speed limits, giving instructions to land flights in and out of air stations, checking the working condition of ferry before setting the journey, assisting the senior ferry pilots in flight maintenance, handling technical issues, checking the safety of the crew, planning and implementing safety plans, and calculating takeoff and landing time.

Sams Willy
1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Ste. 6646
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: (202) 111-2108

Career Goal:

Having extensive experience in ferry operations, both at international and domestic level, looking for an opportunity to work as a ferry pilot in an organization that promotes professional growth and development.

Professional Knowledge:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of ferry flight transportation systems, aircraft types, and aviation standards and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of geographical regions, aircraft handling, and emergency response techniques
  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft safety instructional guidelines and safety flying regulations of aircraft systems
  • Well versed with aircraft traffic and transportation procedures as well as the aircraft compliance standards
  • Sound knowledge of aircraft repairing and maintenance as well as the safety guidelines
  • Possesses exceptional communication, interpersonal, and time management skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with excellent organizational skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Aviation, 2010
Seattle College of Science, Washington DC

Work History:

Organization: Line Air Pilots, Washington
Duration: 2012 till date
Designation: Ferry Pilot

  • Responsible for monitoring and inspecting aircraft engines as well as providing flying guidelines to the junior aircraft staff
  • Shoulder the responsibility of gathering details of weather forecast from meteorology department to schedule flight timings
  • Handle the task of identifying aircraft components to ensure safety before the takeoff process
  • Perform the responsibility of providing effective service to the customers by providing efficient cargo transportation facilities under the guidelines of the senior staff
  • Responsible for developing plans and standard procedures to improve the navigational controls of the aircraft
  • Handle the task of maintaining and monitoring aircraft logs as well as executing the repairing of aircraft equipment
  • Perform the responsibility of providing aircraft directions and speed limits during the course of flight

Organization: Mind Air Service, Washington
Duration: 2010 to 2012
Designation: Junior Ferry Pilot

  • Shouldered the responsibility of gathering aircraft route and destination information before the start of journey
  • Performed the task of checking and inspecting aircraft equipment under the guidelines and approval of the senior staff
  • Responsible for operating the services by complying with the aircraft standards and following the instructions of federal aircraft rules and regulations
  • Handled the responsibility of coordinating with the aircraft maintenance team to update general knowledge about aircraft equipment and functionalities
  • Handled all other essential tasks as required

In your resume, try to avoid the use of decorative or flowery words. This often makes one to lose the attention of the employer. However, the use of suitable jargons that suit the industry standards may impress your employer. It is acceptable to use the existing forms of resume, but the employers mostly prefer the information in chronological format. The above ferry pilot resume example precisely exposes the facts of preparing a professional resume. It also speaks volumes about the experience, knowledge, and skill sets relevant to the position. It communicates the required information directly without adding any extra information. This resume example is here to guide you in writing a successful resume.

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