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Commercial Airplane Pilot Resume

The sections provided in this commercial airplane pilot resume give a professional synopsis of the job applicant. This can be applied even in your resume to please your hiring manager. Every resume drafted, be it any kind of job application resume, should provide relevant skill sets and work exposure. This resume example provides a clear summary of qualifications of the applicant in the beginning. The information provided in the sample will give your hiring manager an overview of your potentialities in the field. The idea of this sample is to help the job seekers in meeting the challenges involved in writing an effective resume.

A commercial airplane pilot flies and operates commercial aircrafts that carry both cargo and passengers. The main job responsibility of a commercial airplane pilot is to provide safety services to the passengers. It is mandatory for a commercial airplane pilot to possess excellent knowledge of aircraft services, public safety and security, aircraft devices, and aircraft operating procedures. Sometimes, the profile also requires performing firefighting operations, crop dusting, and rescue operations.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of a commercial airplane pilot include examining the equipment of airplane, determining weather conditions, safely transferring passengers and cargo from one destination to another, performing the pre-checking of flights, initiating engines, operating radio equipment to provide instructions and other information, drafting evaluation reports, logging fuel consumption, planning and implementing flight activities, and handling flight testing activities.

Robert Susan
1568 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (703) 111-2021

Career Goal:

Commercial airline pilot with diverse knowledge of the functionality, maintenance, and safety procedures of flight operations. Seeking a responsible position as a commercial airplane pilot in a renowned aviation firm.

Summary of Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of commercial aviation services, rules, and regulatory guidelines
  • In-depth knowledge of the operation and maintenance of aircraft systems
  • Hands-on experience in planning flight schedule activities and maintenance procedures
  • Ability to handle and respond to emergency situations
  • Eye for detail with excellent communication and time management skills

Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management
Washington State University, Washington DC, 2009

Professional Experience:

Organization: Air Line Pilots Association, Washington
Designation: January 2012 till date
Designation: Commercial Airplane Pilot

  • Responsible for planning flight directions and executing the checking of aircraft systems prior to flight takeoff
  • Handle the task of ensuring proper functionalities of aircraft systems to guarantee smooth working conditions by using hand tools and instruments
  • Shoulder the responsibility of testing and maintaining safe working conditions of internal systems, aircraft engines, controls, and other instruments
  • Perform the task of monitoring the operation of engines and functionalities of aircraft systems
  • Handle the responsibility of communicating with control towers for route clearances by using various communication equipment
  • Perform the task of initiating engines involved in operating freight as per the guidelines provided in flight plans activities
  • Handle the responsibility of checking weather conditions, nature of wind, and altitudes before flight takeoff

Organization: Aircraft Owners, Florida
Duration: July 2009 to December 2011
Designation: Junior Commercial Airplane Pilot

  • Completed the task of ordering changes in fuel and routes as per the instructions and guidelines of the senior pilot
  • Handled the responsibility of assisting the senior pilot in planning flight scheduling activities and developing standard control operations
  • Responsible for ensuring that the flight service activities are performed by following the aviation and flight safety rules and regulations
  • Performed the task of reporting traffic conditions and performing rescue operations in far off areas
  • Handled the responsibility of ensuring safe transportation of cargo and passengers aboard the flight
  • Responsible for assisting the senior pilot and crew in handling air issues and responding to emergency situations
  • Performed the task of monitoring the elevation and speed of aircraft as directed by the senior staff


Will be pleased to provide upon request

A great resume is one that sells effectively all that you have achieved professionally. It accurately and precisely communicates all the relevant information in an attractive manner. The tips provided in this sample will help you to know how to present the information effectively, so as to catch the attention of the employer at a glance. This resume sample will set you apart from other job applicants. A one time review of the sample will greatly enhance your skills of preparing an effective resume. Make the best use of this sample by customizing it as per your job requirements. It reveals all that you need to bring your resume in the limelight.

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