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Co-pilot Resume

Resume is a document that lists the summary of personal details, work experience, and educational details. It is not simply a document used to provide information, but it is a marketing tool used to get into the job interview process. It puts forth all the information in an appealing and attractive manner, so as to get that attention from the prospective employers. It therefore has to be prepared by employing utmost consideration. It should be an overall reflection of your skill sets, work exposure, and educational qualifications. The below given co-pilot resume example shares some of the effective techniques of preparing a resume that gets results. A well drafted resume is one that only shares vital and key information.

Have you ever seen a person sitting next to the pilot in an airplane? Well, this person is referred to as co-pilot. In order words, he is a qualified professional who is authorized to fly and operate an airplane and one who plays a key role in the airplane crew. The main role of a co-pilot is to assist the pilot in handling emergency situations and substituting the pilot to furnish relief. A co-pilot requires knowledge of flight service procedures and regulations. To become a co-pilot, it is necessary to obtain a certificate in pilot training. A co-pilot also requires the ability of addressing aircraft requirements and handling emergency situations.

A career as a co-pilot falls under the category of airline pilot and flight service engineering careers. The duties of a co-pilot revolve around jobs such as inspecting and handling aircraft malfunctions and defects, operating controls, starting engines, monitoring fuel consumption levels, regulating engine speeds, planning for preflight to landing activities, checking radio communication signals, assisting the aircraft commander in handling emergency situations, performing checklist management, obtaining weather briefing, assisting pilots, and planning a safe route for the airplane.

Rose Wood
1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, Ohio
Phone: 123-658-0125

Summary of objective:

Aviation service professional with hands-on experience in the operation and maintenance of aircraft services. Looking for an opportunity to work as a co-pilot in a prestigious organization.

Professional Skills:

  • Well versed with the flight safety standards, airline transportation rules, and aircraft systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aeronautical engineering concepts, practices, and principles
  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance and operation procedures
  • Familiar with federal aviation standards and regulatory guidelines
  • Possesses excellent communication, management, and organizational skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management and Flight Technology
University of Ohio, Ohio (2009)

Certified Jump Instructor - Class AAAA
Ohio Aviation Association, Ohio (2010)

Work History:

Organization: Commercial Aviation, Ohio
Designation: Co-Pilot (2012 till date)

  • Handle the responsibility of assisting the pilot during aircraft operations starting from takeoff to the landing process
  • Complete the task of handling all aviation related tasks under the instructions of the pilot
  • Perform the responsibility of checking aircraft equipment as well as ensuring their proper functionality before takeoff
  • Execute the task of performing minor repairs of aircraft controls, equipment, and instruments
  • Handle the responsibility of operating controls and monitoring the functions of aircraft engine under the guidelines of the pilot
  • Responsible for starting engines, calculating airplane weights, measuring external temperatures, and monitoring fuel consumption levels
  • Complete the task of operating flights by following the standard aviation rules and regulations

Organization: Ventura Air Services, New York
Designation: Junior Co-Pilot (2010 to 2012)

  • Responsible for providing air services such as functional aircraft testing, testing of aircraft systems, and supplying of minor flight instructions
  • Completed the task of accomplishing aviation related tasks under the guidelines of the senior co-pilot
  • Responsible for attending aviation training programs as well as performing the examination of cargo and ensuring that the luggage area has been properly locked
  • Handled the responsibility of assisting the co-pilot in ensuring proper functionality of the aircraft prior to flight commencement
  • Responsible for ensuring that the engines and other control instruments function in a proper way
  • Shouldered the responsibility of monitoring engine operations as well as ensuring proper functioning of aircraft systems

Sending a perfect and professional resume is the right approach towards the job application process. This is true at all times and for any kind of job application. Your goal should be to focus on how to impress your prospective employer and convince him to make an interview call. You may also face a stiff competition during the job application process. In this situation, your main tool that can get you the success even before you meet the employer in person is your resume. Get some ideas about the techniques of perfect resume writing from this co-pilot resume sample provided in the page. This resume example communicates every vital piece of information that an employer looks forward to. For the cover letter format for corporate pilot position, click here.

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