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Cabin Service Person Resume

If you get the right guideline for drafting a perfect resume then winning a job interview is something which is not far behind. With the increase in job competition in almost all fields, it is essential to know what all you need to include in your professional job document e.i.e., your resume. This cabin service person resume example will help you to evaluate the style of writing an effective resume. Yes, it is in terms of all parameters such as style, content, and presentation. Your resume should provide an aggregation of relevant information that makes it a strong marketing tool. But, if you lack in any of these parameters then it is sure that your resume will be a road map that leads to failure. The following resume sample has been drafted after careful research on the ideal ways of developing a resume that gets the expected result.

A cabin service person refers to an aviation service professional who handles the task of cleaning aircraft cabins. The defined roles and responsibilities of a cabin service person include removing debris from seats, cleaning aircraft interiors, wiping seat trays, replenishing toiletry supplies, cleaning lavatories, replenishing aircraft catering supplies, arranging seat belts, removing empty containers, cleaning and restocking materials, picking and disposing wet garbage, and making necessary arrangements.

It is necessary for a cabin service person to possess good physical strength and ability to work for long working hours. The role also demands knowledge of operating various cleaning equipment. Cabin service person should have knowledge of cabin parts and cleaning techniques and methods.

Victor White
7809 Black Wood Hollow Road
Sunnyvale, California 94089
Phone: (333)-334-9012

Career Objective:

Professional aircraft cabin cleaner with broad knowledge of cleaning the interiors of an aircraft as well as the maintenance and operation of aircraft equipment. Looking to make a career as a cabin service person in a major aviation sector.

Core Competencies:

  • Experience in ramp service, aircraft service, and cleaning activities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning equipment and chemicals
  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance and servicing activities
  • In-depth knowledge of operating aircraft cleaning equipment and maintenance procedures
  • Skilled in handling tasks proficiently with excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work for long hours with strong management skills

Summary of Work History:

Organization: The Airline Service, California
Duration: November 2012 till date
Designation: Cabin Service Staff

  • Handle the task of wiping glasses, seat trays, etc., and cleaning lavatories
  • Shoulder the responsibility of handling wet garbage, removing debris from seats, and replenishing catering and toiletry supplies of the aircraft
  • Responsible for cleaning seat pockets, removing waste from ashtrays, and handling gross volume stocking
  • Perform the responsibility of wiping down all seat trays, handling cosmetic arrangement of seat belts, and wiping gallery surfaces
  • Handle the task of operating and maintaining cleaning machineries and performing the arrangement of seat pocket items
  • Responsible for cleaning, folding, and distributing blankets and looking after the maintenance of vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment

Organization: King Fly Sky, California
Duration: May 2010 to October 2012
Designation: Junior Cabin Cleaner

  • Performed the responsibility of handling day-to-day cleaning activities of the aircraft
  • Execute the task of assisting in ramp activities as well as the loading of luggages
  • Handled the responsibility of carrying out cleaning activities and looking after the maintenance of aircraft interiors such as seats and carpets
  • Responsible for vacuuming the floor, placing magazines and safety information flyers in seat pockets, and cleaning cockpit windows
  • Shouldered the responsibility of deicing exterior parts of the airplane, folding blankets, and refilling drinking water vessels/tanks
  • Performed the task of washing lavatories and buffets and handling other cleaning activities as required

Educational Summary:

Achieved High School Diploma in the year 2010
CA Learning School, California


Will be pleased to furnish upon request.

Resume is indeed a primary tool which is used as a medium of communicating professional information to employers or recruiters. It is a sales tool and therefore, it has to be persuasive, effective, and appealing enough to get hold of the employer's attention.

The above cabin service person resume example will help you to come up with all the strategies that you can use to generate a strong and effective resume. Its effectiveness depends on what you put, how you organize, and present the information. This resume is all set to guide you through the entire resume writing process. A quick review of the sample will definitely help you to master the art of writing a winning and successful resume.

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