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Baggage Handler Resume

Preparing and sending a resume with proper planning is the key for completely getting the expectations met of the employer. Employers are keen enough to shortlist the right candidate for a job interview.

Until and unless your resume is strong enough and incorporated with relevant information, the employer is not going to pay any heed to your proposal i.e., your application for an interview. You need to consider planning a well written resume while planning for a job application or moving your career forward. We know that finding the right tips to draft a perfect resume is not as easy as it seems. The abundance of information available on various sites makes the task even harder and difficult. If you happen to come across this resume in the search for a perfect resume example, consider all your work to be done. This baggage handler resume communicates the job profile of the position followed by a perfect and appealing resume. You are free to make the best use of it as per your choices and expectations.

The profile of a baggage handler should not be considered of less importance in the smooth running of an airport. The main job of a baggage handler is to ensure that the baggages of the passengers are loaded and unloaded in a safe and proper manner. Some of the duties of a baggage handler include handling passenger baggages, loading and unloading cargoes, weighing the baggages, making preparation of the baggages for shipping orders, taking baggages off and on the airplanes, ensuring that the baggages reach the right passengers, checking the balance limitations of the baggages, ensuring smooth operations, and making sure that all the baggages are loaded and unloaded to the right destinations.

Clinton Williams
7802 South Street, Midland, Texas 79701
Phone: (333)-789-1197

Career Goal:

Hands-on experience in handling ground and ramp activities to provide smooth and effective services in the aviation sector. Seeking a responsible position as a baggage handler while ensuring professional growth and development.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • More than three years of professional experience in providing ground service activities
  • In-depth knowledge of handling aircraft cleaning activities, both interior and exterior
  • Comprehensive knowledge of federal aviation rules, regulations, and standards
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects with excellent communication skills
  • Skilled in managing multiple tasks with good organizational and management skills

Educational Summary:

High School Diploma in the year 2011
Texas High School, Texas

Work Experience:

Organization: Air Texas, Texas
Duration: September 2013 till date
Designation: Baggage Handler

  • Handle the task of sorting luggages and freight and operating mobile stairs for boarding and leaving the aircraft
  • Perform the responsibility of putting seals to the baggages to ensure that they are loaded in the right aircraft and are reached to the right destinations
  • Execute the task of weighing the baggages and ensuring that they are stowed securely
  • Responsible for loading flight refreshments such as beverages, foods, etc., and other essential requirements
  • Handle the task of carrying out ground service activities as directed by the senior staff
  • Perform the responsibility of loading and unloading the baggages as well as executing mail and freight handling activities
  • Responsible for driving motorized equipment and filling aircraft fuel tanks

Organization: Classic Airlines, Texas
Duration: July 2011 to August 2013
Designation: Baggage Handler

  • Shouldered the responsibility of loading and unloading of cargo items from various locations of the airport
  • Responsible for pushing aircrafts to and from the designated locations as well as providing support to disabled passengers
  • Handled the responsibility of providing safety guidelines for an aircraft in terms of parking areas
  • Performed the task of cleaning aircraft interiors and operating aircraft servicing equipment
  • Handled the responsibility of performing aircraft servicing activities, cleaning lavatories, and providing water service facilities
  • Handled the task of helping the staff in handling aircraft ground service activities as well as performing the checking of aircrafts to ensure their smooth operation
  • Performed the responsibility of providing inbound and outbound aircraft services


Will be pleased to provide upon request

Sending a professionally drafted resume will convince your recruiter to make a job interview call. What an employer needs is a resume that meets every aspect of the job requirements. You can be among the applicants that an employer desires to give a call to have a face to face interview once you draft a winning resume. So, start thinking about what information you will put in your resume to impress the reader. One thing to be noted here is that you should avoid adding any fake information in your resume. Be honest when it comes to the point of communicating your skills and work exposure. The rest can be easily handled with the help of this competent resume example. Make the most effective use of the baggage handler resume provided in this page.

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