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Airport Director Resume

Once you start with the job search process, the necessity of having a great resume comes into picture. The time to build an effective resume is of prime importance in any job search process. But before you start with the process of writing a resume, it is a good idea to do a bit of research on the best techniques of drafting a professional resume. Writing a resume is a must for any job seeker. Therefore, the first requirement for ensuring a successful job search is to write the best resume that delivers the best result. This airport director resume has been provided to help you in accomplishing your goal of preparing the best and successful job application resume. It speaks about all you need for drafting a resume that meets the expectations of the employer. This resume example is at its best in terms of style, content, and techniques of presenting the information.

An airport director is a senior executive management professional who takes care of the overall maintenance, administration, and planning of the operations of the airport. Developing policies and directives of airport, planning operation activities, providing administrative support, hiring airport staff, executing financial management and budget planning, providing safety guidelines to the airport authority, monitoring and overseeing airport activities, and ensuring that the operation meets the airline regulatory standards are a few responsibilities to mention of an airport director.

The position of an airport director requires extensive knowledge of airport management principles and practices, airport administration, and airport business development activities. It is mandatory for an airport director to have strong knowledge of finance and budgeting as well as possess excellent leadership, interpersonal, and relationship maintenance skills.

Bob Andrew
025 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 213-111-5687

Career Objective:

Aviation professional with extensive knowledge of planning aviation operation activities and management of aviation services. Seeking a responsible position as an airport director in an organization to utilize my leadership and management skills towards professional growth and development.


  • Extensive knowledge of airport operation management principles and practices and operation activities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aviation rules and regulations, airport maintenance, and security services
  • In-depth knowledge of planning developmental and improvement activities of aviation services
  • Skilled in establishing and maintaining excellent relationship with airport staff and general public
  • Possesses excellent knowledge of hospitality management and aviation services
  • Hands-on experience in developing safety plans, implementing business activities, and planning quality standards of airport operation
  • Ability to communicate professionally with excellent leadership and communication skills

Professional Experience:

Organization: Fisher Group, New York
Tenure: October 2012 till date
Designation: Airport Director

  • Responsible for planning and providing directions in airport work plans and activities
  • Handle the task of managing, monitoring, and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the airport terminal operation
  • Perform the responsibility of hiring airport staff and planning training schedule for the airport staff
  • Complete the task of monitoring and overseeing capital investments and implementing procedures to respond to emergency situations
  • Handle the responsibility of ensuring that the airport activities follow the aviation regulations and security procedures
  • Responsible for monitoring budget and financial aspects as well as ensuring that the accounting activities are in alliance with the standard accounting guidelines
  • Perform the responsibility of handling customer complaints on behalf of the airport

Organization: New York Airport, New York
Tenure: July 2010 to September 2012
Designation: Senior Airport Administrator

  • Handled the responsibility of reporting activities of airport services as well as ensuring that the operation activities meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations
  • Performed the task of assisting the airport director in building and maintaining good relations with airliners that operate in and out of the premises of the airport
  • Handled the responsibility of monitoring, overseeing, and supervising the maintenance and construction activities of airport buildings
  • Responsible for overseeing the staffing of clerical staff and ground level workers
  • Completed the task of ensuring that the services provided meet the expectations of the customers
  • Responsible for developing and implementing effective plans to meet the future requirements of the airport
  • Handled the task of assisting the airport director in supervising financial activities and implementing marketing activities

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management in the year 2010
New York College, NY

For a single job opening, the employers take the effort of scanning hundreds of resumes. This scanning process is short and crucial in the selection of candidates for further interview processes. To make your resume suitable for a job interview, the above airport director resume sample has been prepared to assist you in the resume writing process. This sample will help you to get noticed among the crowd of job applicants. You are free to follow the techniques provided in the sample for building a resume that delivers a job interview.

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