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Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor Resume

An airplane flight attendant supervisor resume portrays the applicant's ability to work successfully and meet the requirements of the post. An airplane flight attendant supervisor is a person who looks after and supervises the work of the flight attendants and cabin crew who provide airline services to the passengers. An airplane flight attendant supervisor basically keeps track of the activities performed by the flight attendants in an aircraft. The resume should therefore be written in such a manner that it meets the requirements of the post.

There are different types and styles of resume writing for different posts. Many applicants face problems when it comes to resume writing, and flight attendant supervisor resume writing is no exception. Applicants with no experience of resume writing or lacking in the know-how of formal resume matter often end up constructing a resume that is severely flawed. Applicants with resume writing issues must know the techniques that are involved in writing professional resumes.

Below are some tips that will help applicants in writing better resumes for their airplane flight attendant supervisor job applications.

Tips for Writing a Better Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor Resume

  • Online research: Online browsing is important as it makes applicants aware of various techniques of writing a resume. Applicants must do some online research and gather important information about the post in order to write a resume for that particular post
  • Format: While doing online research, applicants must find out a format that they feel comfortable with for framing their resumes. A format is important for the proper construction of resume, as it makes the resume more organized and systematic
  • Official tone: Maintaining an official tone is important. An official or formal tone makes the resume look more professional. Informal or casual tone should not be used as it hampers the quality of the resume
  • Writing in Brief: Writing the resume briefly is recommended, as the recruiter will not approve a resume that is long and stretched unnecessarily. Applicants must not write any unnecessary details that are irrelevant to the post. Writing in bullet points and avoiding long sentences and paragraphs helps in making the resume precise and brief
  • Keeping it simple: Applicants should write the resume in a simple language. It helps the recruiter to go through the resume and understand it easily
  • Proofreading: Proofreading reduces the risk of the involvement of typo errors and spelling mistakes that often occurs during resume writing

Below is a resume sample of an airplane flight attendant supervisor. It will help applicants in writing better resumes for their job applications. The resume contains fictional details, and the applicants are expected to change them according to their needs and requirements.

Rosaline Jonas
10th Mango Street, East Downtown
Miami, Florida (233 455)
Email address:
Phone: 4355 34532

Career Objective:

To work as an Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor in a reputed airline company where I can use my skills and expertise to manage the flight attendants and supervise their work which will in turn benefit the firm and enable me to gain more professional experience in this field.

Career Summary:

Prior experience of working as an Air Hostess Supervisor in a reputed aviation firm for a period of 2 years. Possesses excellent communication and team leading skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Ability to manage the work of the flight attendants and cabin crew
  • Expertise in assigning the right work to the right attendant
  • Expertise in supervising work and looking after individual performance of the attendants
  • Excellence in checking and maintaining individual records
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent team addressing and management skills

Work Experience:

Firm: Pacificana Airways
Post: Flight Attendant Supervisor
Duration: Jan 2011 to Feb 2013


  • Supervising the work of the flight attendants
  • Maintaining personal records
  • Executing performance monitoring
  • Assigning the right duty to the right individual


  • 2011: Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Laurence University, Miami, FL
  • 2008: Diploma Course in Flight Attendant Supervising from ZOB Institute, Miami, FL


Will be available on request.

We hope that the tips and resume sample indicating how to construct an effective airplane flight attendant supervisor resume will surely help applicants in writing a resume that will be advantageous to their job applications.

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