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Airline Sales Account Manager Resume

The aviation industry has seen tremendous development in the last few decades. The industry provides a large number of job opportunities in various fields. The job position of airline sales account manager deals with the sale of airline products and services. Applicants applying for the post must therefore possess excellent accounting and analytical skills, so as to handle and understand the technicalities of the field.

Although resume writing is easy, but due to the lack of proper know-how about the construction of a professional resume, the applicants generally end up writing a messy resume which unfortunately gets rejected and turned down during the job application process. Applicants who are applying for the post of airline sales account manager must therefore know how to construct an appropriate resume if they want a grand success in the job application process.

One must know the proper format of framing a targeted and result oriented resume. Applicants must therefore conduct some online research and look for a format that is suitable to their profiles. By using a proper format, the applicants can put their entire academic, professional, and personal details correctly at the right places in their resumes.

After choosing a format, the applicants can start writing the resume accordingly. Now, once the applicants start writing their resumes, there are a few important things which they need to keep in mind and apply in their resume writing. They are mentioned below.

Tips for Writing a Better Resume

  • Applicants must keep the resume brief. There should not be any unnecessary details included in the resume and the applicants should always stick to the point while mentioning their profile details. Moreover, they should not sound diverting. Applicants can use bullet points to present the information. The applicants should know that the use of long sentences and paragraphs is not recommended
  • Applicants must keep the resume clean. If they are sending it by mail, they should follow a standard font type and should not use any font color except black or dark gray for the text. If the applicants are sending a hard copy of the resume (printed on a paper) then black font color must be used for the text and the document should be clean with no designing or decorations done on it. A photograph, if required, can be attached with the document
  • The writing of your resume should be simple and easy to understand. Simple text enables easy readability which in turn helps the employer to understand the resume better
  • Maintaining an official tone is important, as it helps the resume to look elegant and professional. Applicants must not use informal tone, as it deteriorates the overall quality and appeal of the resume
  • Skills and achievements should be highlighted, as they are likely to draw the attention of the employer
  • Applicants must proofread the resume after it is completed in order to avoid spelling and typo errors

An airline sales account manager resume sample is provided below to make the applicants have a better understanding on how to write a resume properly to turn the job application into a success.

Mike Morgan
22nd Swan Lake Road, South Bay Area
San Francisco, California (645 566)
Phone: 433 21222
Email address:

Career Objective:

Seeking a challenging job position of Airline Sales Account Manager where I can use my skills and expertise to help in the progress of the company and gain more professional experience as well.

Career Summary:

Prior experience of working as an Airline Sales Accountant in a reputed aviation firm for a period of 4 years. Besides, possesses excellent accounting and work management skills.

Skills and expertise:

  • Possesses excellent professional experience in the field of airline accounting for a period of 4 years
  • Possesses good expertise in accounting and financial data management
  • Proficiency in conducting product presentation for the customers and clients
  • Highly skilled in working with various computer software and applications
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellency in providing better customer service
  • Proficiency in management and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Japanese, German, French, and Spanish languages

Professional Experience:

Company: Star Atlantic Airways
Designation: Airline Sales Accountant
Duration: June 2009 to December 2013

  • Primarily assigned the responsibility of managing the accounts of both current and past leftover works
  • Looking after the development of new business prospects and programs
  • Designing and developing additional trade channels
  • Monitoring, preparing, and submitting the annual sales sheet
  • Performing cross-checking and analysis with other sales departments
  • Conducting project work and field trips, both national and international

Academic History:

  • Completed Master's Degree in Business Administration from California State University, CA in 2009
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree in Finance from California State University, CA in 2007


I hereby declare that the information and details provided above are true as per my knowledge.


Will be submitted on request.

The above provided sample and tips for writing a better airline sales account manager resume will surely help the applicants in creating a resume that will take them one step ahead among the rest.

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