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Airframe Fitter Resume

Keep in mind that the person to whom you send your resume along with the job application reviews thousands of resumes to select the most suitable candidate for the job he is advertising. It is, therefore, very essential to draft your resume in such a way that it stands out from that of other job applicants and makes you to appear in front of the interviewer. A job interview can only be won when your resume sounds interesting enough to please the employer. It needs careful planning and good organization of the information to make your resume stand out. This airframe fitter resume example gives a brief idea of drafting a perfect resume that successfully leads to a job interview. Experience the art of framing a great resume with the help of this resume sample.

An airframe fitter is involved in aircraft maintenance and repairing work and his main aim is to ensure smooth and proper functioning of the aircraft systems. It is demanded from an airframe fitter to undertake activities such as drilling and assembling fabricated aircraft metals, installing, repairing, and maintaining aircraft systems, adjusting and fixing aircraft parts and systems, repairing flight control surfaces, looking after the repair and maintenance of engine nacelles, executing the installation of airframe components, performing the inspection of aircraft parts, ensuring proper maintenance of functional equipment, performing the servicing of ground support equipment, and replacing the parts that are not in good working condition. The airframe fitter should be well versed with aircraft systems, equipment, tools, and the concepts of aeronautical engineering.

Tonny Larue
78643West Wood Street
Hill View, Washington 89820
Phone: (222)-111-7831

Career Objective:

Seeking a position of airframe fitter in a growth oriented firm with a view to utilize my experience in handling the assembling, repairing, and testing of aircrafts operated in commercial environments.


  • Diverse knowledge of the techniques and procedures involved in the installing and repairing of aircraft parts and mechanical devices
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aircraft mechanical principles, wielding of aircraft parts, and structural modifications
  • In-depth knowledge of standard guidelines and procedures of the aviation sector
  • Possesses excellent knowledge of mechanical and electrical principles related to aircraft maintenance
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with strong management skills

Employment History:

Organization: Tompson International, Washington
Duration: March 2012 till date
Designation: Airframe Fitter

  • Responsible for playing a key role in the aircraft maintenance team by performing the day-to-day maintenance activities of aircraft systems
  • Handle responsibilities such as scheduling the maintenance activities, performing repair and overhaul services for aircraft fixed wing and rotary wing, etc.
  • Perform the task of looking after the modification of aircraft parts, replacement of components, and inspection and repairing of aircraft parts
  • Shoulder the responsibility of testing aircraft engines and performing the installation of electromechanical and hydraulic components
  • Perform necessary aircraft maintenance activities under the guidelines of certified aviation engineers
  • Handle the task of performing aircraft parts requisition from aircraft stores and executing the installation of simulator mechanical components
  • Handle the responsibility of controlling and monitoring aircraft parts and equipment

Organization: Sky Airline, Washington
Duration: June 2010 to February 2012
Designation: Junior Airframe Fitter

  • Performed structural modifications of aircraft parts and systems under the guidelines of the lead maintenance staff
  • Handled the responsibility of adjusting and fitting simulator aircraft mechanical parts
  • Completed the task of maintaining cleanliness and safety in the work area
  • Responsible for updating serious defects and issues in the aircraft systems to the chief engineer
  • Performed the responsibility of the installation, repairing, and overhauling of aircraft engines
  • Responsible for repairing engines and looking after the installation of engine components by referring to the specifications of the manufacturer
  • Executed the task of making necessary changes to overhauled engines as well as performing final inspection of aircraft engines

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering in the year 2010
Washington State University, Washington


Will be available on request.

After completing your resume, it is good to make someone review the document. This will free your resume from minor errors. The above airframe fitter resume example is a great way to learn the art of writing a winning resume. You don't need to spend much time in doing research on writing a perfect resume. The sample focuses on skills, work exposure, and educational qualifications that are relevant to the position. All you need to do is to customize/edit the sections to meet your personal and job requirements. This resume example assures you a job interview.

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