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Aircraft Engine Fitter Resume

Resume is the best tool to network relevant skills and experience to a pool of potential employers. The first and foremost important point in writing the best resume is self-evaluation. This simply means evaluating your skills and work experience to ensure that you meet the specific job requirements. After the evaluation process, you can start with the building of ideas on how to present the information in the best and effective manner. Before you begin with the writing process, it is good to do a proper research on the best techniques of effective resume writing. The below given aircraft engine fitter resume is the best way one can refer to for drafting a professional resume. This sample meets all the required parameters of writing a resume in the most professional manner.

An aircraft engine fitter is a service and repairing professional, who looks after the maintenance of aircraft engine parts and components. The roles and responsibilities of an aircraft engine fitter include inspecting aircraft engines, installing engine parts and components, identifying and replacing worn parts, testing and checking proper functionality of engine parts, maintaining the record of maintenance procedures, checking valves and gears, reassembling and installing aircraft engines, removing aircraft engines by using hoist and forklift truck, replacing electrical wiring systems, rebuilding aircraft engine structures, lubricating engine parts, testing engine operation, diagnosing engines, and repairing engine malfunction parts.

Joshep Miller
360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
Phone: (123) 588-0945

Summary of Objective:

Diverse knowledge of repairing, installing, servicing, and maintaining the aircraft engine parts and components. Seeking a responsible position as an aircraft engine fitter in a renowned aviation sector.

Professional Credentials:

  • More than four years of professional experience in the installation and repairing of aircraft engines
  • Diverse knowledge of aircraft engine parts, systems, and sub-systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aircraft mechanical systems, engine operation procedures, and repairing techniques
  • In-depth knowledge of the installation and maintenance of aircraft systems, parts, and engines
  • Profound knowledge of modifying engine structures and theory of testing operations and functionalities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of engine exhaust systems, fuel systems, hydraulic components, and engine control systems
  • Skilled in reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings, and technical data
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both in oral and written English with excellent troubleshooting skills

Educational Qualifications:

High School Diploma in the year 2010
St. Louis High School, MA

Professional History:

Aircraft Engine Fitter - 2012 - till date
Commercial Air Services, MA

  • Handle the task of fitting, repairing, and replacing defective parts and components of the aircraft engine
  • Responsible for diagnosing associated hardware and electrical systems for smooth functioning of the engine
  • Handle the responsibility of running and operating installed engines to identify the malfunctioning parts
  • Perform the task of installing engine airframe mounted systems and inspecting for any fault findings of engine parts
  • Responsible for the management and supervision of engine testing and tool and equipment repairing procedures
  • Handle the responsibility of planning Operational Readiness Inspections (ORI) of engines under the guidelines of the senior staff

Junior Aircraft Engine Fitter - 2010 to 2012
Aricient Airlines, MA

  • Completed the task of installing sub-systems of engine parts and components
  • Handled the responsibility of checking valves, gears, and lubricating engine parts
  • Performed the task of checking the functionality of engine parts as well as the replacement of worn engine parts
  • Responsible for identifying the materials and equipment for testing, replacing, and operating the aircraft engine
  • Handled the responsibility of maintaining aircraft engine components and performing the servicing of engines by using calibrated precision measuring tools
  • Handled the task of conducting functional and operational checking and testing of the aircraft engine
  • Performed the responsibility of checking engine fuel, lubrication, and exhaust systems


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

This resume example identifies the ideal way of writing a well organized and professional resume. It emphasizes the proper structure of drafting a resume that results into a job interview. This resume will help you to know more about the job skills and job responsibilities of an aircraft engine fitter. With this resume example, you can efficiently tailor what you have possessed in your professional life in the best way. You can refer this resume example to get the attention of your employer. Feel free to use this sample for constructing a resume that gets paid for a job interview.

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