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Air Operations Manager Resume

This air operations manager resume sample introduces you to the techniques that can be applied to frame a structured and organized resume. It provides the basic framework like sections, including the style of presenting and organizing the information in a sequential order. The best approach one can apply in preparing a great resume is via analyzing the job requirements of the employer.

The big deal here is whether or not your acquired skill sets and work experience meet the requirements of the employer. If yes, you can start planning and developing the best techniques of presenting the information in text and that too, in the best possible way. This resume example sets the ideal way that one can apply in the process of writing a professional resume. It carefully takes into account all the parameters of building a resume that makes the applicant a unique candidate among thousands of job applicants.

A career as an air operations manager comes under the aviation service career options. The roles and responsibilities of an air operations manager are - developing and implementing safety procedures, controlling the air traffic, monitoring and ensuring safe landing of the aircraft, maintaining flight records, monitoring airfield landing activities, preparing the emergency response plans, updating information on aircraft arrival, late status, and departure to the staff for making general announcements, providing weather details, ensuring that the aircraft operations adhere to the safety procedures, planning flight operation activities, monitoring the general maintenance staff, and coordinating with ground engineers in airfield management.

William Anderson
West 548 St and Broadway, New York
Phone: 622- 125-8877


Hands-on experience in managing the daily operations of aviation services with diverse knowledge of aviation operations and functions. Looking for a responsible position as an air operations manager in a prestigious organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • More than four years of professional experience in aviation service, operation, and management
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of staffing, budget, and forecasting procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of flight operations, aviation rules and regulations, and maintenance procedures
  • Possesses strong management, organizational, and communication skills

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management in the year 2009
New York University, New York

Professional Experience:

Organization: Swin Airlines, New York
Designation: January 2012 till date
Designation: Air Operations Manager

  • Responsible for managing, overseeing, and monitoring the daily activities of aviation services to ensure quality customer service
  • Complete the task of planning and implementing procedures for custom air, budgets, and forecasting
  • Handle the responsibility of managing and assigning activities to air agents, ticketing staff, and ground level staff
  • Perform the task of coordinating in the workflow of the aviation staff to ensure smooth and effective customer service
  • Handle the responsibility of regularly monitoring the airline ticket processes, air communication, and workflow of the air service
  • Execute the work of implementing airfield safety procedures and performing the monitoring of flight arrivals and departures
  • Perform the responsibility of providing guidelines in flight operations during emergency situations and aviation planning

Organization: Credo Connections, New York
Duration: July 2009 to December 2011
Designation: Junior Air Operations Manager

  • Completed the task of providing directions in aircraft schedules, aviation planning process, and budget planning in aviation flight operations
  • Handled the responsibility of identifying maintenance requirements, analyzing weather forecast data, and monitoring the contingency plans of aviation services
  • Performed the task of evaluating monthly expenditures and performing the overseeing work of domestic and international trips
  • Responsible for assessing the safety and efficient operations of aviation services and making necessary flight arrangements for the passengers at the time of emergency
  • Handled the responsibility of planning and providing emergency support, both for domestic and international services
  • Responsible for checking and maintaining the database of passenger statuses and flight statuses
  • Performed the responsibility of ensuring that the aviation services follow the standard aviation procedures


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

The type of resume you prepare counts a lot in the job application process. When preparing a resume, all you need to do is to understand the job requirements and the art of effectively presenting the information. The above air operations manager resume example has been provided with the aim of providing the best guidelines for drafting a comprehensive and winning resume. The guidelines and tips given in the sample are easy to follow. This resume example will prove as a strong foundation towards drafting the "best" resume for your job application. Hope that after reviewing the sample, you can generate an excellent resume that really works in the positive direction.

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