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An air hostess resume is written by young girls who dream to fly high by becoming an air hostess for a leading airline company. They have to be smart, beautiful, efficient, and hard working. The conventional approach towards this profession is that the candidates are required to be beautiful outwardly and in knowledge. Many aspiring candidates opt for such kind of professions because of the many treats, benefits, excitements, and opportunities involved with this line of work, however, most importantly, the compensation package is pretty good.

But, in addition to the above mentioned perks, the applicant must understand that this is a highly demanding profession which needs absolute dedication on the employee's part. It includes keenly listening to a lot of passengers' requests and attending to their queries, submitting to odd hours of working, and working under pressure. An air hostess must possess the skills to learn quickly and ability to grasp a bit of technical knowledge too.

Your air hostess resume needs to be written in a definite format, ensuring correct spellings and exact details about your work experience, education, and other aspects of your portfolio. The first section of the resume has to be your objective statement, which needs to be short and crisp along with an impressive approach. Then, follow it with the personal details section including your age, weight, height, complexion, and eye sight.

This section is followed by a short profile summary, marking all the important aspects of your career in simple bullet points. This section helps you in clearly communicating your USPs to the reader and making a quick impression on the reader. The subsequent sections that follow here are skills summary, work experience, educational qualifications, and achievements.

No doubt, the career of an air hostess is a very exciting and well paying one with many lucrative opportunities, but one has to look at this option in totality, considering its flip side too. A careful consideration of all your other options must be undertaken before any decision is made. However, if you have finally decided to embrace this profession then go on to read the following resume sample.

Rebecca Anderson
14 , Westbrook Avenue
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7811


To fly high with a leading airline carrier and cater to the needs of its passengers, providing the highest standards of hospitality.

Personal Details:

Color complexion-
Eye sight-

Profile Summary:

  • Equipped with a total work experience of 5 years in the airline industry as an air hostess with renowned airline companies
  • Extensively trained in behavior etiquettes and hospitality
  • Special training certificate from ABC Air Hostess Training Academy, Canada
  • Two time recipient of 'Best Air Hostess' award at the annual USA Aviation Conference

Skills Summary:

  • Fluent in English, Italian, and French languages
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a good knack to easily get along with people and adapt to a certain way of working, distinctive to any office or post
  • Ability to take the passengers in confidence and resolve their problems and queries
  • Trained extensively in all in-flight operations and hospitality services
  • Skilled to pay attention to minute details and a holistic approach towards work

Work Experience:

Jakson Airlines
Air Hostess
(2012 - Present)

  • Ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety for the passengers
  • Ensuring that the safety checks are performed smoothly on board before take off
  • Demonstrating the safety tips and operations to the passengers to prepare them for critical situations such as air crash
  • Helping the cabin crew in distributing in-flight meals and beverages to the passengers
  • Providing magazines and in-flight contest details to the passengers and distributing feedback forms
  • Demonstrating first aid techniques extensively trained in
  • Helping the passengers with young kids or children for managing and keeping them preoccupied at all times during the flight
Jet Airways
Trainee Flight Attendant
  • Assisted the cabin crew in the verification of passenger tickets and directing them to their respective seat locations
  • Provided service to the best of my capabilities to each and every passenger on board at anytime during the flight
  • Demonstrated to the passengers all the safety procedures before take off during every flight
  • Helped the crew in distributing meals and beverages to all the passengers during the flight
  • Took care of all passenger grievances, requests, or queries and tried to the fullest of my capabilities to accommodate them
  • Provided the ground staff with assistance in verifying tickets and performing other desk jobs
  • Trained the crew in speaking different foreign languages


  • Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality Management, Fly High Air Hostess Training Academy, XYZ University, New York, 2009
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, South Riverdale College, XYZ University, Massachusetts, 2007


  • Received the 'Most Efficient Air Hostess' award during my employment with Seawall Airways
  • Received many passenger appreciation notes and letters during my service with Jackson Airlines

This is how one writes a formal air hostess resume. Refer to the sample provided above and make way for some exciting job opportunities to arrive at your doorstep.

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