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Air Craft Fueler Resume

Drafting a resume for an aviation job is not as easy and simple as it sounds. However, it is necessary to spend time in understanding the basic art of effective resume writing to generate a resume that is worth a job interview. It is necessary to understand the job requirements so as to highlight and tailor them in the resume to get the desired results. This aircraft fueler resume is a complete and effective guideline towards preparing a resume that gets effective results. It communicates detailed information about specific skills and work experience needed to become an aircraft fueler. This resume example will work at its best for you towards obtaining a job interview.

Apart from the pilot and crew, the aviation services require people to take care of the maintenance and operational activities. An aircraft fueler is one who plays an essential role behind the smooth operation and functioning of the aircraft systems. A career as an aircraft fueler falls under the aviation service and maintenance career options.

The general roles and responsibilities of an aircraft fueler include operating, servicing, and maintaining aircraft fueling equipment. Some of the key tasks are fueling the aircraft, cleaning aircraft air conditioning systems, shifting and transporting aircraft equipment, operating refueling trucks, gathering and discarding worn aircraft parts, and repairing fuel and minor aircraft parts.

Daniel Jones
700 East, Ellensburg, WA
Phone: 132-287-9964


Hands-on experience in handling aircraft fueling activities with knowledge of aircraft inspection, servicing, and maintenance procedures. Seeking a responsible position as an aircraft fueler in a renowned aviation sector.


  • Possesses diverse knowledge of aviation fueling and aircraft systems and functionalities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aircraft equipment, aircraft fumes, and aircraft environmental conditions
  • Extensive knowledge of fuselage sections of the aircraft, aircraft machinery, and aircraft physical exertion systems
  • Well versed with the defueling and fueling procedures, ground equipment, and deicing processes
  • In-depth knowledge of deicing procedures, defueling activities, and aircraft operation and maintenance procedures
  • Sound knowledge of aircraft safety rules and regulations as well as the FAA's standard guidelines
  • Ability to communicate professionally, both in oral and written English
  • Self starter with outstanding attention to detail and excellent mathematical skills

Work Experience:

Organization: International Flight Group, WA
Designation: Air Craft Fueler
Duration: June 2012 till date

  • Responsible for fueling the aircrafts of the company and performing the repairing of minor aircraft parts
  • Handle the task of obtaining fuel loads by coordinating with the flight crew members
  • Perform the responsibility of inspecting, towing, chocking, and repairing aircraft ground support equipment
  • Complete the task of handling aircraft fueling procedures by utilizing the safety practices and procedures of the aviation industry
  • Handle the responsibility of identifying and repairing mechanical and operational issues to support the operation of aircraft systems
  • Perform the task of fueling and servicing aircraft equipment for ensuring a smooth operation
  • Shoulder the responsibility of fueling aircraft exterior parts to enable efficient working of the aircraft systems in diverse weather conditions
  • Handle the task of conducting quality control checks of aircraft equipment by following the standard procedures on a daily basis

Organization: Swiss International, WA
Designation: Junior Air Craft Fueler
Duration: May 2010 to May 2012

  • Shouldered the responsibility of the fueling and defueling of aircrafts in an accurate and safe manner
  • Performed the task of preparing accurate accounting records of fuel transactions as well as performing the loading and balancing of the aircraft fuel
  • Handled the responsibility of cleaning aircraft equipment and maintaining an accurate number of the equipment
  • Responsible for checking the functional conditions of aircraft systems and updating the issues, if any, to the technical lead
  • Completed the task of deicing as well as fueling the aircraft by using hydrant carts and fuel trucks
  • Handled the responsibilities related to deicing to ensure smooth operation of the aircraft fueling systems
  • Responsible for general aircraft cleaning, towing of aircraft, and other general aircraft servicing procedures
  • Performed the responsibility of updating the daily operation report to the aircraft operation supervisor

Educational Qualification:

High School Diploma in the year 2010
St. Mark School of Washington, Washington DC


Will be pleased to furnish upon request.

The above resume example includes specific information that suits the profile requirements. To ensure a job interview, you can include all the sections and edit them to make your resume strong and appealing. This resume will help you to draft a resume that is well organized and structured so as to get you noticed. After drafting a resume that stands equal to this one, you will certainly get a job interview call. This resume example will make you a strong and suitable candidate who is worth to fill the job vacancy.

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