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Air Craft Cleaner Resume

When putting the information in your resume, it is necessary to ensure that you have effectively demonstrated all the key skills and related experience. The below given aircraft cleaner resume example is an important piece of guideline that you can proceed with while preparing your resume. It communicates an effective way with which you can approach your employer, so as to make a positive impression. The best way to make your resume appealing is to keep it short, brief, and to the point. The information provided in the sample is easy to understand and will definitely catch the attention of your recruiter.

A career as an aircraft cleaner falls under the category of aviation cleaning and maintenance service career alternatives. A typical job profile of an aircraft cleaner includes handling all cleaning activities, both at the internal and external level. These cleaning activities include shampooing rugs, cleaning aircraft galley sinks, washing and cleaning laboratories, washing interior walls and glasses, cleaning the snow from sidewalks, cleaning floors, lifting and dumping leftovers from passenger seats, handling routine maintenance activities, cleaning seats and entrance stairs, vacuuming the baggage compartment, etc. One can work as an aircraft cleaner in domestic and international airports as well.

William Jones
456 Bey Lea Rd, Toms River, New Jersey
Phone: 126-127-6678

Career Objective:

Professional aircraft cleaner with diverse knowledge of handling aircraft cleaning and maintenance activities with focus on the interior and exterior aircraft parts. Seeking a responsible position as an aircraft cleaner in a renowned aviation sector.

Professional Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the cleaning equipment, standard cleaning hand tools, stain removing chemicals, and shampooing equipment
  • In-depth knowledge of aircraft and its interior parts including the techniques of cleaning the interiors of an aircraft
  • Extensive knowledge of the operation, adjusting, and maintenance of hand tools and equipment
  • Hands-on experience in cleaning the exterior and interior aircraft parts by using spray gun, broom, brushes, and cleaning solutions
  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft components and ground service tools and equipment
  • Sincere and punctual with excellent management and organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate professionally with great attention to detail skills

Professional Experience:

Organization: International Airlines, New Jersey
Tenure: January 2013 till date
Designation: Air Craft Cleaner

  • Responsible for cleaning aircraft windows, mirrors in lavatories, and aircraft cockpit
  • Perform the task of cleaning refuse from seat back pockets and wiping food trays
  • Handle the responsibility of cleaning lavatories, arranging seat belts, and replacing audio headsets
  • Responsible for vacating trash receptacles and changing headrests and pillows as well as blankets
  • Handle the task of vacuuming aircraft floors, wiping down food trays, folding blankets, etc.
  • Responsible for cleaning aircraft components as well as performing safety inspections of aircraft systems
  • Handle the responsibility of removing exhaust stains as well as cleaning aircraft structural parts

Organization: Midlane Air Service, New Jersey
Tenure: May 2010 to December 2012
Designation: Junior Air Craft Cleaner

  • Handled the responsibility of assisting the senior staff in cleaning the interior parts of the aircraft and performing the maintenance of heavy aircraft equipment
  • Performed the task of spraying wheel wells, cleaning the interior belly, and polishing aircraft exterior surfaces
  • Handled the responsibility of checking any damaged parts and updating the same to the aircraft maintenance staff for replacement
  • Responsible for handling all cleaning activities by using liquids and cleaning tools
  • Complete the task of cleaning the cabin area by performing dusting and liquid cleaning activities
  • Performed the cleaning of buildings and kept the airport area in an orderly manner

Educational Qualifications:

High School Diploma in the year 2010
Arthur's School of New Jersey, New Jersey


Will be please to provide upon request.

Employers, when looking for suitable and perfect applicants, usually consider advertising the required skills and work exposure to get the work done. The same is applicable to the candidates seeking for a job that suits their skills and experience. So when you are planning to make the job application, make sure that you send a resume that meets the expectations of the employer. Before writing your resume, it is necessary to understand the job requirements in detail and develop the techniques or ways of conveying the information in the most professional manner. This aircraft cleaner resume example has been designed especially to teach you the art of framing a complete and winning resume.

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