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Air Cargo Handler Resume

The purpose or aim of any resume is to make yourself qualify for the job position you are applying for. It is necessary to ensure that you illustrate your qualifications in a clear and precise way. Any professional resume should include the candidate's personal information and a brief description of his knowledge, experiences, and relevant educational qualifications. This information should be effective enough to get the attention of the employer at the first glance. You should demonstrate how you will fit to the applied job position. One point that is worth to mention is that the employers search for the perfect applicants by referring to their resumes. This air cargo handler resume example will help you to generate a resume that is slightly different from the resumes drafted by your colleagues applying for the job. You will get to know all that you need for preparing a resume that receives a positive response from an employer.

Air cargo handler is a ground service aviation professional who takes care of passenger cargoes. He is also known as a ramp service person. This kind of job profile demands working in noisy areas. The cargo handler is an active member of an airline's ground ramp crew. The main job of an air baggage handler/cargo handler is to load and unload the passengers' luggages and cargoes from the aircraft before departure and after arrival.

Some of the key job responsibilities of an air cargo handler include loading baggages in baggage compartments, moving heavy baggages from one place to the other by using heavy equipment, sorting, loading, and unloading the cargoes from the aircraft cautiously, loading mail sacks in the belly of the aircraft, pushing and pulling heavy sacks, stacking baggages on carts, and ensuring that the baggages reach to their proper destinations.

An air cargo handler performs all the work in outdoors. He needs to pay special attention at the arrival and departure time of the aircraft. An important job of an air cargo handler is to provide the cargo and baggage services by following the standard aviation services. The role also demands operating a forklift or conveyor to move heavy luggages.

Brad Andrews
78902 Carpenter St, Apt#67
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (123)-678-0941

Career Objective:

Hands-on experience in handling and transferring heavy cargoes and luggages especially in the aviation services. Looking to make a well established career as an air cargo handler in a major aviation sector.

Core Competencies:

  • Sound knowledge of the policies and procedures related to the aviation cargo handling activities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of operating various equipment used for moving, lifting, and pulling cargoes
  • Possesses excellent knowledge of cargo services workflow and maintenance procedures
  • Ability to communicate politely with excellent customer service skills
  • Detail oriented with strong organizational and management skills

Work Experience:

Organization: Fisher Flight Services, WA
Duration: July 2012 till date
Designation: Air Cargo Handler

  • Complete the task of loading and unloading the cargoes and baggages in a timely and accurate manner
  • Handle the responsibility of checking the cargoes for security check tags before loading them in the aircraft
  • Responsible for lifting and carrying the freight from one aircraft to the other as required
  • Perform the task of handling the freight and ensuring that the items are not damaged in the loading and unloading process
  • Perform the responsibility of maintaining the cargo numbers to track any missed cargoes at the time of arrival
  • Responsible for ensuring that the workflow follows the standard aviation policies and procedures
  • Perform the task of calculating the quantity of cargo as well as performing logical transactions as required

Organization: Air Washington, WA
Duration: July 2010 to June 2012
Designation: Junior Air Cargo Handler

  • Completed the task of handling materials and cargoes for ensuring smooth transactions
  • Handled the responsibility of ensuring that the cargoes are scanned properly before the loading process
  • Performed the task of sorting and routing cargoes and packages from the aircraft at the time of departure
  • Responsible for providing excellent customer service by performing the tasks in an effective and organized manner

Educational Summary:

WA School of Learning, Washington DC
High School Diploma in the year 2010


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

The resume given in this page is a fine example that will make you proceed for a job interview. It clearly and professionally presents all the required information related to the job opening. This resume sample, in any case, will not fail to get that attention of the recruiter. The organizing style and structure of presenting the information is strong enough to tempt the employer to call you for a job interview. Feel free to construct a resume by using the vital guidelines provided in this air cargo handler resume. Submit a resume by using this sample and get ready to receive a job interview call.

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