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Agricultural Pilot Resume

Many people expect a job interview after sending their resumes to the prospective employers. But, many a times, they end their hope with disappointment. The simple reason or fact behind this is the lack of relevant data or ill manner of organizing the information. To achieve the goal, one needs to prepare a resume that meets all the job requirements. This agricultural pilot resume example updates the best way of writing the best and professional resume. It clearly communicates to the potential employers the information about the applicant's work domain, job qualifications, and education details. In short, it gives a brief idea on the art of developing a well planned and appealing resume. The goal of this resume sample is to assist you in drafting a resume that presents you in the best light.

The agricultural pilot operates helicopters and aircrafts that are specially designed for spreading seeds, insecticides, and herbicides on fields, forest, and swamp areas. An agricultural pilot also applies fertilizers on crops from a low level. It requires knowledge of the safety concerns and agricultural flying techniques to become a successful agricultural pilot. It is a part of an agricultural pilot's job to come in daily contact with poisonous liquids and chemicals during the execution of work processes.

Some of the essential skills of an agricultural pilot include - knowledge of landmarks, excellent flying skills, good communication and concentration skills, etc. The job profile of an agriculture pilot includes the work of flying airplanes for agricultural purposes. He pilots airplanes over crop farms. While performing the tasks, the agricultural pilot must ensure that the flight operates at a low level with no trees and bushes affected in the process. This is a job which incorporates more than just flying an airplane unlike other pilot jobs.

The work locations of an agricultural pilot are usually large and open spaces. Most of the flying is done in the early morning and early evening. The job demands working in seasonal months.

Charlie Smith
456 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701-4756
(301) 569-2598

Career Goal:

Skilled, detail oriented, and experienced agricultural pilot with successful work experience in the operation of agricultural airplanes and helicopters. Seeking the position of agricultural pilot in a renowned organization.

Professional Knowledge:

  • In-depth knowledge of the techniques of handling airplanes, repairing work of minor aircraft equipment, and flying rules
  • Extensive knowledge of highly toxic chemicals, symptoms of chronic toxic effects, and techniques of applying insecticides
  • In-depth knowledge of the operation, control, and maintenance of aircraft systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and techniques of moving goods by air
  • Knowledge of flying policies, techniques of changing directions, and fuel measurement
  • Detail oriented with excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with excellent management and organizational skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Aviation, 2010
Manhattan Technical College, New York

Work History:

Organization: Great Service Co, Washington
Duration: 2012 till date
Designation: Agricultural Pilot

  • Handle the responsibility of transporting crops in bulk to far off places and performing the monitoring of the loading of spraying materials
  • Complete the task of spreading insecticides by flying over the crops of farms
  • Responsible for ensuring proper functioning of the aircrafts as well as performing the monitoring of engine and fuel usage
  • Perform the task of assisting the staff in loading chemical products to be spread over the fields as well as performing inspections of engine functions
  • Responsible for controlling clearance towers before the execution of take off and landing procedures by using radio communication equipment
  • Perform the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the log of materials as well as performing the verification of the safety of chemical products
  • Handle the responsibility of performing all other essential duties as required

Organization: Great Service Co, Washington
Duration: 2010 to 2012
Designation: Junior Agricultural Pilot

  • Shouldered the responsibility of monitoring fuel levels and accordingly gathering weather reports before take off
  • Handled the task of performing maintenance activities of airplanes and the repairing of aircrafts as required
  • Performed the responsibility of maintaining a proper record of flight duration, speed, height flown, and fuel consumption level
  • Responsible for preparing detailed reports of wind directions, airport altitude, and airplane temperatures
  • Performed the task of updating flight control activities to the traffic control department
  • Handled the responsibility of checking aircraft accessories and fuel level
  • Performed the task of assisting the agriculture pilot in ensuring that all the flight systems are in a perfect working condition

Having an eye-catching resume is a must in today's job market. As the potential employers spend a few seconds in hunting for the right candidate, a perfectly drafted resume is the only way to make those few seconds rewarding. The way you draft your resume makes the employer determine your strengths professionally, including your interactive skills. The above agricultural pilot resume example will surely work out in the screening process. To help you in attaining your goal in today's business world, this resume sample has been provided as a reference. Review the sample and make the best use of it by gathering the required data, which will help you in making your resume strong and professional.

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