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Aerospace Physiological Technician Resume

Aerospace physiological technician resume is particularly a professional application and therefore, it must be prepared in an appropriate and specified pattern. It is certainly important for you to have an outstanding resume in order to grab the attention of the prospective employer.

While applying for a job, you must be well assured that you prepare a suitable and perfected resume that matches with your potential job opportunities. It should be exceptional enough to put you ahead of every other candidate who has applied for the similar position.

The aerospace physiological technician must possess the conceptual as well as practical knowledge regarding the aeronautical field. The main task of these professionals is to provide certain specified instructions and commands to the aviation as well as non-aviation recruits in terms of visual problems, spatial disorientation, personal life support, etc. In addition, they must have a good knowledge about the operation, installation, calibration, and maintenance of the aerospace systems, simulators, and other aeronautical devices.

Your resume sample for aerospace physiological technician must be excellent enough to highlight your qualities and work capabilities. On the whole, here, for your assistance, you are provided with a free resume sample for the aerospace physiological technician position.

Kathy W. Wilson
2633 Alpaca Way,
65th Blvd,
Orange, CA - 92632
Phone : (714) 744-2616

Career Objective:

Acquire a better position as an aerospace physiological technician, which will allow me to utilize my communicative and technical abilities for enhancing the potential productivity of a leading aeronautical organization.

Career Summary:

Aerospace physiological technician with proficient acquaintance and understanding of the field of aeronautical engineering. Five years of experience in handling the advanced aerospace prototypes as well as checking the operation technicalities.


  • Completed High School from National Naval School, California in March 2004 - Grade A
  • Completed Graduation in Electronic Engineering from Cambridge State University, California in March 2007 - Grade A
  • Completed Post Graduation in Aerospace Technical Studies from Cambridge State University, California in March 2009 - Grade A

Skills Summary:

  • Possesses good communicational and convincing skills
  • Efficiently capable of designing, operating, and maintaining the physiological aerospace training devices
  • Competent in operating the ammunition in the catapult chambers for firing
  • Knowledge of keeping a proper and timely check on the pressure suit control system
  • Knowledge of maintaining the move levers, gadget panels, pressure buttons, knobs, etc.
  • Experience in designing, planning, and executing the physiological activities
Technical and Professional Skills:
  • Proficiency in MS Access, MS Excel, and other MS Office software packages
  • Proficient in Windows, AutoCAD computation software, etc.
  • Experience in laboratory testing, aerodynamics designing, solving propulsion problems, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Concord Aerospace Corporation
Designation: Aerospace Physiological Technician
(2012 - till date)

Job responsibilities:

  • Efficiently handled and executed important training programs such as the aviation physiology and certain survival programs
  • Assisted the chiefs and seniors in the evaluation of aerospace devices and certain important equipment
  • Interviewed certain candidates for acquiring their medical histories
  • Analyzed the program data through various underlying principles and reasonings
  • Inspected certain equipment and materials for correcting their problems or errors
Previous Employer: Mayer Aerospace Microsystems
Designation: Assistant Aerospace Physiological Technician

Job responsibilities:

  • Gathered or collected various important information from every relevant resource
  • Assisted the chief and leading technician in the maintenance procedures
  • Efficiently handled the aeronautical devices and maintained their flying conditions
  • Planned and executed the physiological training sessions and other medical programs
  • Assisted the seniors in handling the hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers for certain researches

Achievements and Awards:

  • Awarded the 'Best Employee Award' for executing a high profile training session at Mayer Aerospace Microsystems
  • Appreciated as a persistent candidate and won awards for efficiently carrying out the flight training procedures
  • Won customary awards for controlling and testing the aeronautical devices
  • Winning captain of a national level chess team, California

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participant of CA Online Chess Society
  • Active member of CA Aerospace Systems, which is involved in device handling

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in New Jersey and Washington D.C.


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Kathy W. Wilson

The resume sample given here for aerospace physiological technician position is optimal as regards with the effective displaying of the job responsibilities and elucidating of the aerospace duties to the forthcoming employers. The main purpose of these professionals is to supply innovative ideas in the field work. On the whole, the job responsibilities handled by the aeronautical physiological technicians are the indication of their working capabilities or their extent as well as special skills. As a result, the resume for aerospace physiological technician position fulfills the purpose of passing on the most vital information to the reader.

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