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Aerospace Engineer Resume

Aerospace engineer resume is used by professionals to apply in the aviation industry for various jobs in the manufacturing and electronics department of aeronautical companies. Such posts also include research and analysis jobs. An aeronautical engineer works on the designated kinds of airplanes and models and can be employed with a private company or government establishment. His work includes taking care of various processes from the initiation to final assembling process of the airplane engine and body.

A person applying for this post needs to have completed Ph.D in physics or aeronautics. The Board for Engineering and Technology accredits such courses in the US and it is a must for you to have such a degree in order to get a job with this post. The profession of aeronautical engineering offers many kinds of job roles ranging from that of an electrical engineer to mechanical engineer. From companies dealing with private airliners to those dealing with defense fighter jets, almost all of them are in the need of an aeronautical engineer who could guide and supervise subordinates through the research, testing, and analyzing process.

A typical aerospace engineer resume includes the candidate's skills, experience, and education details. Along with this, you need to clearly mention your USPs (unique selling point), so that the reader can clearly assess your profile.

Following are the sections to be involved in the resume.

  • Objective Statement - Start the resume with a strong objective statement. For e.g., A strong desire to secure the position of senior aerospace engineer, coupled with strong experience in research, supervision, and inspection
  • Profile Summary - Summarize, in limited points, your core specialties that justify your application for this job. They should confirm the reader about your USPs
  • Skills Summary - It includes a list of all your professional skills. Do not populate this list with information overflow. Rather, keep it to 6-7 points only
  • Professional Experience - This includes the names of the organizations and the designations you have hold at all the organizations where you have worked before
  • Education - Details of relevant degrees and diplomas are given here. As stated above, a person needs to possess Ph.D in physics or aeronautics to work in this industry
  • Achievements - Write about all your relevant achievements in the field till date. You must have something to impress the reader with

David O' Connor
230 East Water Way, Ellensburg, Washington
Phone: (123) 731-0343

Objective Statement:

Seeking the position of Aerospace Engineer to utilize my expertise and dynamic way of working for establishing higher benchmarks of quality and proficient engineering.

Profile Summary:

  • Total experience of 7 years in the industry of aerospace engineering
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various aerospace aspects of thermodynamics, combustion principles, and internal automated control systems
  • Worked on hybrid compression and lift systems, repaired turbines, and monitored the flap manufacturing activities
  • Excellent execution of assembly and maintenance procedures
  • Strong communication and initiative taking ability for solving problems and leading teams

Professional Skills:

  • Ability to carry out careful and detailed inspection of gauges, equipment, and electronic circuits
  • Logical and analytical stronghold for assessing situations and targets
  • Troubleshooting abilities in cases of discrepancies
  • Equipment testing and evaluating abilities and experience in determining SWOT at the start of any process
  • Attention to detail and strong research approach
  • Ability to always stick to the allotted targets. In case of the need for an increased budget, knowledge of supporting the claim with hard facts

Work Experience:

Stark Industries, Washington DC
Senior Floor Engineer
(2011- Present)

  • Implementing and evaluating new process systems in floor machinery
  • Conducting training for the workers and other officials working in the manufacturing floor
  • Studying the CAD reports on new designs and modifications in the already existing machinery and testing the concepts for approval
  • Testing the engine prototypes and forwarding the reports to the management for taking further decisions
  • Implementing the principals of aerodynamics in the manufacturing processes
  • Carrying out inspections in the manufacturing floor and looking into any production line problems
Edgerton Aerospace Technology
Process Engineering
  • Assisted the senior engineers in assessing the problems and finding out solutions to get better performing engines
  • Worked closely with design engineers to design and produce concept radar sensors and airplane internal mechanism. Conducted electronic tests on the same
  • Assisted the marine team in researching and upgrading water landing airplane gears
  • Assisted the inspection teams around the manufacturing floor and demonstrated the safety provisions in the systems
  • Provided support to the senior aerospace engineer in all the levels of integration and processing stage


  • Ph.D in Aeronautical Mechanics, University of New York, New York, 2007
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of New York, New York, 2005
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of New York, New York, 2003

Aerospace engineer resume is written to apply for a very specialized field of work. The applicants are always expected to have a good experience in technical knowledge and technical working. Couple up your rich experience with a finely written resume with special stress on your specialties, so that the recruiter will get impressed and call you for the next round of interview. All the best!

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