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Advertising Sales Professional Resume

A sales professional is accountable for promoting and advertising products and services of the company. In order to increase the sales and revenue of the product, the company has to spend a lot on promotions and advertising. So, it is the duty of the advertising sales professional to optimize the investment done. His whole concentration should be on advertising campaigns and different promotional activities

He should have to discharge various duties, which can be listed as follows:

  • To assist the sales department in new product launching
  • To help them create awareness about the product and consequently bring about an increase in sales and revenue
  • Decide about the optimum level of investment in promotions based on different product phases, market condition, product type, seasonal demand, product response etc.
  • Focus on market research and different marketing models used for promoting products and services of the organization
  • Creating product awareness of the product by endorsing STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) models
  • Marketing and customer satisfaction
  • Customer relationship management
  • Persuade customers with the help of unique selling proposition and make them buy the products eventually

Therefore, advertising sales professional should have keen understanding of customer buying behavior, which will help him to implement advertising campaigns successfully. Hence, while writing resume for the position, you have to concentrate on the skills and expertise related to it.

Jose N. Omalley
3500 Morris Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Career Objective:

Searching out for the position of an advertising sales professional in the company where I can utilize my expertise and potential and contribute towards the organization in a true sense.


  • Extensive experience in the area of sales and marketing
  • 4 years of experience in advertising and direct marketing
  • Capable of performing work under high pressure
  • Proficient in implementing promotional campaigns successfully
  • Well acquainted with recent trends and developments in advertising


  • Good interpersonal skills
  • In depth knowledge of marketing concepts and recent developments in the area of marketing and promotion
  • Well acquainted with different tools and techniques of promotion used nowadays
  • Strong knowledge of customer buying behavior
  • Extensive experience in the area of promotions and marketing

Technical skills:

  • Expert in discharging Microsoft related functions
  • Proficient in power point presentations
  • AutoCAD
  • Well acquainted with the software applications used for designing


  • Graduated from the University of Warwickshire, London in 2003
  • Completed masters in sales and Marketing Management from Harvard Business School in 2005
  • A diploma course in 'Advertising and Promotions'


Completed a certification course in French and German

Professional experience:

Marketing Executive,
4623 Parkway Street San Diego, CA 92121;

  • Creating product awareness and consequent monitoring of sales increase
  • Actively work towards increasing profitability of the organization
  • Provide feedback about customers and seek for potential opportunities in the market
  • Initial market research
  • Implementation of organizational policies in connection with marketing and sales functions
  • Providing information or solving customers queries

Assistant Advertising Officer,
RY Inc. NL62473
2007-till now

  • Designing and execution of promotional activities
  • Successfully implement different advertising campaigns
  • Planning, designing, organizing, and implementing various promotional activities
  • Closely monitoring post-advertising changes
  • Attracting potential customers by using different communication channels
  • Identification of need for promotions activities


Received 'The Best Employee Award 2008' for designing advertising campaign, which resulted into considerable sales increase


  • Affiliated to the social health club which works for the benefit of diabetic and cancer patients
  • An active member of Green Environment Club which consistently focus on the activities related to spreading environmental awareness

To conclude, you have to concentrate on all the marketing and advertising related functions while applying for the post of advertising sales professional. You should focus on the relevant skills and expertise in the area of advertising and marketing to catch the employer's attention.

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