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Advertising Internship Resume

Advertising and marketing have become an inseparable part of recent sales activities. They ensure long term sustainable development with creation of awareness about the organizational products and services. So, to enter into the field of advertising, the candidate is expected to have some basic understanding of advertising jobs, that makes it easy for the recruiter to consider the application. It assists in the further analysis of the candidate's profile to ascertain his/her employment chances. Hence, it is advisable to apply for advertising internship. Such exposure is highly relevant to overcome difficulties for a fresher and provides him/ her keen understanding of functions to be performed.

Thus, while applying for internship projects, the candidate needs to showcase his/ her sound understanding about the field and the project objective, for which he/she is interested to join the organization. Here, an advertising internship resume can prove to be a great help to present academic accomplishments, performances, and rare imaginative talent to coordinate advertising functions well. State your skills and abilities to deal with advertising issues and training courses availed to refine practical understanding of the work.

Here is a list of some of the essential functions that an advertising intern is expected to perform, as a part of project completion.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Collecting useful information and data about the client's requirements to develop customized designs and plans of advertising.
  • Recording customer feedback and analyzing their responses to develop useful advertising programs.
  • Identifying the client demands to offer the clients with the best services, they are looking for.
  • Carrying out research and analysis with respect to utilization of different types of resources and materials.
  • Designing a variety of advertising programs according to the given customer specifications to offer the client with multiple choices.

Thus, an advertising intern can start his/ her advertising career searching out for such internships in the advertising firms. To apply for such internships, it becomes obligatory for the candidate to stress on relevant academic performances and ascertain talent to offer the industry's innovative ideas to create a unique effect.

Here is a sample advertising internship resume that gives an idea about organized resume writing and applying for internships. Get necessary support to craft well customized resume for you.

Ryan M. Hagen
3058 Heather Sees Way
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: 245-265-5652
Email Address:


Searching for the entry level position in an advertising agency, where I can complete my advertising internship and get useful guidance to start my advertising career with effective contribution towards accomplishment of organizational objectives.


  • Awarded with research fellowship to complete a project on National Level Advertising Campaign for a multi-national company.
  • Selected for innovative and creative advertising programs development
  • Worked on part time basis as an Assistant Advertising Designer, with an advertising agency.
  • Proficient listener and creative advertising designer with an effective integration of standard patterns.
  • Familiar with advertising programs and designing functions


  • Strong research and analytical skills to understand market requirements
  • Excellent managerial capabilities and well expressive power to communicate written and orally.
  • Effective analytical and comprehensive power to grasp situational demands
  • Familiar with designing, programming, and development skills
  • Expert management of administration functions with abilities to handle team leadership tasks.

Technical Skills:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office functions management
  • Acquainted with Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations.
  • Handled database management (DBMS) functions


  • Masters in Business Administration from University of North Carolina with majors in Marketing and Sales Management in 2010.
  • Bachelors in Business Management from University of Oklahoma in 2008
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Advertising and Promotions Management from the University of Arizona.
  • Attended a training program to understand current market trends and developments in the area of advertising and promotions.

Professional experience:

EUR Advertising Industries Pvt. Ltd. Muskogee, OK
Designation: Assistant Advertising Designer
Status: Part-time

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Identifying the client requirements and demands with respect to designing programs
  • Assisting Advertising Designer to develop advertising programs
  • Supporting the designer to offer training to the new entrants into the field
  • Supervising and monitoring effective development of advertising campaigns and administration of the same.
  • Suggesting necessary changes to customize services for the clients and managing documentation and reports.

OER Advertising and Promotions Services Pvt. Ltd. Gregory S. Hope
Designation: Assistant Advertising Clerk
Status: Part Time

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Provided designing and planning support to the advertising coordinator implement advertising programs.
  • Handled technical support and designing operations to make advertising campaigns a great success.
  • Provided effective support to the clients from analyst's point of view and offered useful guidelines to satisfy industry requirements.
  • Fulfilled the management's expectations in association with effective decision making and strategy formulation.
  • Managed day to day reporting and documentation functions to keep all the records in a proper way.


  • Recognized as 'Manager of the Year 2010' for managing marketing and promotion activities at the management games played on inter-collegiate level competition.


  • Active member of an alumni association formed of the ex-students of University of North Carolina, offering a broad platform to discuss technological changes and their impact on advertising and promotions

Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready to serve anywhere in the States with flexibility of approach and management. Capable of handling multi-task operations.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Ryan M. Hagen

In this way, to ascertain your strong claim and to complete internship in the organization you desired, be strategic to cover all relevant aspects of advertising and promotion functions. It gives a clear idea to the recruiting authority about your skills and excellence in the field with the perfection and accuracy of performance.

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