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Advertising Creative Director Resume

Advertising creative director is the one who handles a team of creative and enthusiastic people. This team comprises of young and enthusiastic people who help the firm to produce creative product for the clients. A creative director of an advertising firm is also entitled to work with Account Executive to see whether the client's need are met properly. It is the job of CD (Creative Director) to develop every aspect of an ad campaign along with taking into consideration the client's marketing plans or strategies. He/she is accountable for assigning projects to his/her employees.

To get into the skin of the job profile, do not start off immediately after completing your college. You must first have an experience of copywriter and then of management position to be expert in this field. The following section would help you further to explore the duties and responsibilities of the concerned job profile. With this knowledge, you will get a clear picture of the action and performance of a creative director.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Managing a team of copywriters and designers to develop creative product
  • Working with Account Executive to meet client's needs in time
  • Developing all the aspects of an ad campaign based on client's marketing plan
  • Conceptualizing ideas based on ad campaign
  • Working on creativity of the concept of an ad campaign
  • Assigning campaign related projects to the staffs
While applying for this designation, the team handling and creativity skills makes a lot of count. Creativity is the essence of this business. Thus, you must be proficient in this field. So, ensure that you keep on working on enhancing your creativity skills to reach zenith and give your career a new shape.

Richard N. Goldfarb
2540 Elmwood Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85225
Phone: 330-112-232
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Looking forward to work in a reputed firm to hold a position of creative director and lead a team of designers and copywriters. Ready to work with great zeal and in a challenging atmosphere to explore every corner of descriptive job. Also, to inspire young professional to be expert in the field of multimedia.


  • Represented company's identity online through a unique innovative concept
  • Developed a high level contact with different clients
  • Enhanced inter-personal skills of the young professionals by constantly guiding them towards perfection
  • Established a creative direction for online services and programs
  • Provided quality control over each project and design
  • A thorough understanding of interactive communication, visualization of design and processes of delivery system
  • Excellent knowledge of graphics fundamentals, layouts, typography with limitations of web
  • Abilities to give shape to the ideas by translating them into design
  • Extensive experience in corporate management and effective communication skills orally and written
  • Completion of projects like designs of CD-ROMs, Interactive websites and POS Kiosks
  • Experience in handling multiple project comprising various clients
Technical Skills
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, DHTML, Action script and Drupal
  • Experience with software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Illustrator
  • Experience with Adobe After Effects & video editing
  • Development, design and completion of CD-ROM


  • Holds a degree of Master of Fine Arts from Philadelphia Institute of Fine Arts and Designing
  • Completed a diploma course in Visualization and special effects from Advanced Institute of Creation and Designing
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relation from Fortune College of Art Designing, University of Phoenix, 2005
  • Completed schooling from St Anny High School, University of Arizona, 2002
  • 6 month certification course of copy writing from a reputed institute

Professional Experience:

Fortune Media Arts, AZ
Designation: Advertising Creative Director
Duration - April 2009 till date

Role and Responsibilities

  • Led a team of young and enthusiastic people to execute multiple projects comprising the designing of the product according to the client's demand
  • Created online services for the clients to deliver innovative ideas according to their needs
  • Created unique design for every product by combining updated technology with pristine visualization
  • Put a great emphasis on the quality of the product
  • Constantly worked on improving the quality of the product by motivating the team
Pinnacle Arts Studio Associates, AZ
Designation: Senior Designer
Duration - 2006 to March 2009

Role and Responsibilities

  • Created and finalized designs for the products keeping in mind the theme
  • Conceptualized the idea like color, background, photographs and character of the product
  • Led a team of junior designers to help them to create the layouts and concepts
Johnson Copy Writing Firm Associates
Designation: Copywriters
Duration - July 2005 to August 2006
Role and Responsibilities

  • Monitored the working of advertising campaign
  • Kept a track on the updated version of digital media
  • Worked with Accounts team and proofread the content of the advertising campaign

  • Awarded with the title 'Best Man Handling' for successfully managing a big team of designers and creative heads
  • Awarded with the title 'Creative Designer of the year' in 2009 for creating unique design for the product


  • A life time member of the 'Community formed for the alumni members of the University of Arizona'

Mobility and Flexibility
Successfully handled a big team of designers to deliver the best performance ever. Easy to work in adverse situation with great zeal and self motivation. Constantly working on the updated technology in the field of digital media in order to move with the pace and meet the global standards.
I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Richard N. Goldfarb
By analyzing the demand of the situation and with creativity in your mind, you can meet the requirement. An Advertising Creative Director must have the qualification of the related field and creativity in his/her blood to make the job more successful.

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