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Advertising Copywriter Resume

Advertising Copywriter Resume is written for the copywriters in the advertising industry, who look for newer opportunities, they use this as their initiative in the openings which are relevant to their profile advertising copywriting is much more than simply writing a few lines for an advertisement. An advertising copywriter working at an advertising agency firstly needs to understand the advertising needs of the object for which he/she is writing. In fact, advertisement production is team work in which every person's task is dependent on the work performed by his/her teammates. An advertisement copywriter must have extra ordinary imaginative skills accompanied by strong command over language comprehension. The advertisement media may vary as per the needs of the product and choice made by the client. Hence, the copywriter must have equally good writing dexterity for any of the advertising medium such as print media (newspaper, magazine, etc.), radio, television or internet .Advertising copywriters work closely with other members of an advertising team to create snappy, unified, eye-catching advertisements. The team usually includes an account executive, an art director, and a media expert. The account executive asks the client or advertiser what he or she would like the advertisements to accomplish. Then, when the guidelines are established, the team members think up new ideas or concepts that will achieve the client's goals.A concept is simply a new way of looking at or presenting a product or service. It is a way of telling readers, listeners, and viewers what the product will do for them. Several concepts are often suggested and presented to the client for approval.

Once a client approves a particular concept, the team starts to create the ad. The media expert decides whether a print medium, such as magazines or newspapers, or a broadcast medium, such as television or radio, would work best to promote the product. The art director decides how the ad should look and provides the necessary visual support. The copywriter writes the "copy," or words that make up the advertising message. The clients normally provide the basic information that must appear in the advertisement; however, researchers, and sometimes copywriters, may gather additional information about the product and why people buy it.

Copywriters write the captions, the headlines, and the text for print advertisements. For radio and television commercials, copywriters write the actors' scripts. They may also manage the actual production of the advertisement. Most copywriters work for advertising agencies that provide services to companies with a product to sell. Some work

For companies that handle their own advertising. Still others work for large stores with special advertising departments or even for firms that carry advertising, such as magazines and television or radio stations. Copywriting can also be done on a freelance or per-project basis.

We will now see a sample, of the same profile which will be of great help for all the aspiring candidates in the same profession.

Sample Advertising Copywriter Resume

Mark Jacob
1123, Park Avenue Street
United States


Objective: To become an active member of a highly productive and creative professional team in the communications field where my skills as an accomplished advertising copywriter, copy editing and proofreader will be utilized at the highest level.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelors in computer science, from Christ University, Washington.
  • Masters in advertisement And Media, from Christ University, Washington.

Professional Skills:

  • Exceptional written communication skills.
  • Strong ability to express thoughts clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Awarded Best Copywriting Stylist from AAF recognized chapter Jefferson University Advertising Club.
  • Possessor of a portfolio team.
  • Certified experience with Microsoft Office and Internet communication, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, In Design and Acrobat for 5 years.
  • Research, creative, deadline-oriented individual with outstanding decision-making skills.
  • Able to produce under pressure.
  • Accustomed to long hours in pursuit of organizational goals.

Professional Summary:

Name: ABC Company
Designation: Advertisement Copywriter
Duration: 4 years

  • Met the account management team to discuss client requirements and product background, brainstorming ideas and concepts.
  • Worked in a close-knit creative partnership with the art director to generate workable concepts and ideas.
  • Wrote clear, persuasive, original content; submitted ideas and discussed progress with the creative director before making presentations to clients.
  • Amended, revised or redeveloped campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director or clients.
  • Worked on several campaigns at once, under pressure and on tight deadlines.
  • Proofread copy to check spelling and grammar.
  • Oversaw campaigns from the production stage to completion.
  • Advised intending creative and reviewed their portfolios.

Name: ERP Company
Designation: Junior Copywriter
Duration: 2 years

  • Writing convincing, results-oriented copy for broadcast, web sites, print and promotional material, managing public relations efforts of several clients with many placements in print and broadcast media.
  • Activity in proofreading all materials before final print, participating in brainstorming sessions with the creative director, senior copywriter and art director.


Mr. Gabriel Timberlake
M.D (RFG Advertising agency)

Advertising Copywriter Resume is needed by the copywriters in the advertisement industries, these resume are designed for the professionals who look for the opportunity of the same profile.

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