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Advertising Campaign Manager Resume

An advertising campaign manager resume points to the candidate's efficiency in planning, organizing, and conducting advertising campaigns, while performing continuous performance assessment to improve the efficacy of the operations pertaining to the advertising department. Where it involves close coordination with the marketing department, other sectors like production, operations, sales, and finance, are equally significant, in terms of interdepartmental communication. The resume should bring forth all the details pertaining to the jobseeker's skill sets and professional qualities, and only those which possess great relevance to the employment scenario. The prime objective of a job application is to connect the candidate's interests to the vision of the organization, or its needs.

Your resume should be crafted to promote your abilities, in association with the company's goals and objectives. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you contact the company once prior to drafting your application, so that you can discuss their needs with one of the recruiters. This will give you a clear idea as to what you need to incorporate in your resume, and subsequently help you in drafting a cover letter, which would successfully introduce the reader to your profile. The advertising operations manager resume sample given below shows a customized layout, which is intended to impart a personal appeal. As it projects, your resume should start with your contact details, where you may choose to include your date of birth also, followed by an effective career objective, which puts forth your interests, while attempting to share the vision of the company.

Customize it well

Customization plays a very important role in imparting a personal appeal to your application, and thus enhance the value and desirability of your profile. One such healthy acts of customization is the inclusion of a profile summary, in place of the usual job descriptions, which are placed next to your employer's details. Reducing an enormous amount of information into one short section comprising of 6-8 points facilitates optimal space planning, which in turn helps you restrict the length of the resume to one page only. Also, it indicates that you have acknowledged the recruiter's need for a quick, yet highly informative read. You see, generally, recruiters come busy, and they are bound to a duty which requires them to review hundreds of applications during their recruitment season. This calls for optimization of the contents of your resume, so that they only trace back to the most essential elements, while leaving out the "extras" that come in the form of general responsibilities.

Similarly, craft your Skills section, as illustrated in the sample of ad operations manager resume given below. Here, you need to take care, so as to omit all the unnecessary phrases, and showcase them optimally. This helps you maintain specificity to your employment situation, and enhance your profile optimally. To ensure proper organization of contents, it is advised that you first jot down on a piece of paper, all the professional, organizational, and managerial qualities that you possess. And then, you can eliminate those which seem the most generic.

Educational details and employment history need not be elaborated; simply follow the format shown in the sample of advertising campaign manager resume. Since you have included a profile summary, you need not include your previous job descriptions. However, if you have earned any awards or have taken any additional responsibilities, you may certainly list them next to the details of the employer associated with those accomplishments. You may also mention these points in the profile summary, provided that it doesn't make the summary seem to long; or, you may even feature them separately, following your educational details, referring them to as "accomplishments" or "achievements."

Given below is a free sample resume for an ad campaign manager. Study the layout and absorb the essence of customization. Pay close attention to the arrangement of contents, and take tips for optimal sentence construction, so as to facilitate consistency and relevancy in the flow of information.

Advertising Campaign Manager Resume Sample

Arthur T. Long
4256 Browning Lane
Alfred, NY 14802
(607) 871-6712


Ads Campaign Manager, with over 7 years of experience in core marketing and advertising, seeks an opportunity to share the vision of your organization, in order to formulate innovative campaign ideas, and help introduce advanced ethics in the promotional system, thus ensuring both excellence and self-advancement, and continuous growth of the brand.

Profile Summary:

  • Besides the general managerial and administrative responsibilities,
  • Coordinated with the top executives and staffs within the advertising sector, in order to discuss issues like selection of contracts, products for promotion, and the suitable advertising media
  • Managed the preparation of collateral promotional materials, such as ideas for contests, posters, and coupons, so as to influence buyer's behavior
  • Coordinated with the Copy Editor to monitor the performance of the copywriting team, editing audiovisual tapes and other promotional tools for accuracy and completeness
  • Acquired primary data through extensive market research, facilitating optimal planning and organization of advertising campaigns
  • Active coordination with clients in order to determine foolproof marketing practices that are best for the concerned businesses
  • Established and developed connections with publications, with an aim to incorporate new conventions and social functions into the business
  • Involved in the preparation of budgets for campaigns, incorporating all possible program costs, as an essential part of planning the campaigns

Skills and Abilities:

  • Highly motivated and confident, with exceptional leadership skills, ensuring optimal coordination among the employees
  • Ability to manage the early stages of pre-sales, campaign goal-setting, incentive planning, and performance evaluation
  • In depth knowledge of market segmentation and business expansion
  • Sound knowledge of core budgeting, specific to marketing and advertising
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office works, graphic tools for generating logos and promotional artworks
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, facilitating smooth interdepartmental communication, and boosting client network

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
FoxTram Venture - Alfred, NY
Campaign Manager - Advertising Operations

2006 - 2009
CZ Optics - Alfred, NY
Assistant Marketing Manager (joined as Marketing supervisor)

2003 - 2006
Digital Dojo - Syracuse, NY
Marketing Supervisor (joined as Marketing executive)


PG Diploma in Marketing Management, 2006
Alfred State College - Alfred, NY
Secured 72% in the final assessments

Empire State College - Syracuse, NY
Bachelor of Computer Science, 2002
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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