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Stenographer Resume

A stenographer is a professional who is responsible to translate a language into a coded language that seems to be short. The technique of translating a language into a coded language is known as shorthand. These professionals work both ways, i.e., they first translate a language into the coded short form and then, again translate it into the original language. What really matters in this job is the speed and so, it is important for them to possess a speed of translating 200 words per minute into the short coded forms and then back into the original language. Generally, these people are not affected by the changes in technology because the work done by them is usually in the manual form.

These professionals come out as a great help when you need to document spoken words quickly. They hear the speech and code the words as quickly as possible, matching up with the speed of the speaker. Further, they decode those words in a descriptive manner, when needed. These stenographers are required in almost all the fields. They are needed everywhere, whether it is a press meet location, court, government office, or corporate house. They are also needed whenever there is a speech given by renowned personalities such as politicians, doctors, etc. This job profile will prove as a good opportunity for young professionals who want to make a good career and earn a handsome salary.

There are several skills required to carry out the job of a stenographer. One of the most important job skills is excellent knowledge of regional languages including English. These professionals are needed to be hardworking and dedicated towards their work. Apart from the knowledge of languages, they should also possess intensive knowledge of shorthand. You have many options available if you really possess the skills and talents for this job profile.

So, you can apply for this job with a good stenographer resume if you possess all the desired skills and qualifications. A graduate degree would be sufficient to apply for this position. Apart from your graduate degree, it is also necessary to have a certification or degree in shorthand.

Ben J. Wright
1850 Brighton Circle Road
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 733-542-8855
Email Id:


I am seeking the position of Stenographer in an esteemed organization and willing to apply my knowledge and skills towards my career growth as well as the growth of the company. Besides, I am willing to take up a challenging role where I can apply my skills and knowledge.


  • Excellent knowledge of the English language and two other languages namely, French and German
  • Possesses excellent listening and great interpersonal skills
  • Hardworking and ability to work under diverse working environments
  • Capable of listening and processing the data accurately into the database
  • Possesses excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent knowledge of operating the devices related to stenography
  • Good knowledge of using the computer tools related to stenography

Work Experience:

Company: Quadflex Incorporations
Designation: Court Stenographer
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Hear the proceedings of the court trials and write them in shorthand
  • Ensure that the legal proceedings written are precise and correct
  • Prepare the database accurately according to the dates
  • Assist and coordinate with attorneys and judges in preparing the database
  • Take help of the computer dictionary in translating the shorthand documents into original documents
  • Edit the documents and ensure that the grammar and spellings are correct
  • Ensure that the entire data is trouble free in both the cases, i.e., digital form and paper form

Company: Graveace Incorporations
Designation: Junior Court Stenographer
Duration: November 2010 to August 2012


  • Responsible to report to the stenographer
  • Responsible to use the shorthand tools for converting the speeches and documents
  • Using excellent listening capacity to document the speeches
  • Capable to maintain the database and records accurately
  • Assist the stenographers in their work and learn from their experiences
  • Also, assist the attorneys and judges in preparing the records accurately
  • Ensure that the data entered in the database is accurate and correct
  • Make sure that the digital data as well as the data on paper are accurate and correctly written


  • Completed Diploma in Stenography from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey in the year 2010
  • Completed High School from Saint Michael's School, Princeton, New Jersey in the year 2009


Harry E. Lumsden
3539 Center Avenue
Avenal, CA 93204

If you are interested for the position of stenographer then you can apply for the job with a stenographer resume. A sample has been given above and you can take its help while preparing a resume to apply for this position. To make your resume more attractive and effective, you should add a cover letter for stenographer resume and get shortlisted soon.

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