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Research Machinist Resume

The role of the research machinists is basically to study and design custom tools required for production and educational purposes. The tools may either be designed for industrial or project purposes. They are responsible for the construction, assembly, maintenance, and repair of heavy machine parts. They should be proficient in handling high precision tools, which are needed for molding and cutting metals. Craftsmanship and proficiency in using automated computer systems are important credentials which are sought for by a majority of employers in the job market.

They may work in different roles depending upon the requirement, which can be of that of electric, plumbing, or welding. Research machinists should be good at all these skills and willing to accept change. They also fabricate wooden furnitures and help out the students in woodworking projects. They are also required to be proficient in reading blueprints clearly and making tools as per the demand.

The candidate needs to have completed his/her high school and must have a diploma or certificate in a course relating to the proficiency in machine shop operations. 2 years of relevant field experience is also required. A bachelor's degree is not mandatory, but would help greatly in improving the overall value of the resume and may also result in the situation where the employers will ask for lesser amount of work experience.

One must mention his/her educational and work experience details clearly as shown below.

Michael E. Pratt
2009 Anmoore Road
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 718-737-2923

Career Objective:

To work with a reputed organization as a Research Machinist using my technical skills and knowledge for creating new and better tools for helping the students and also for growing professionally.

Professional Summary:

3 years of field experience as a Research Machinist.

Key Skills:

  • Good technical skills
  • Proficient in following written instructions and reading blueprints
  • Proficient in making drafts and basic prototypes of the models
  • Good at designing tools and machinery
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team building and leadership skills
  • In-depth knowledge of machine shop safety
  • Good knowledge of current market trends
  • Adept with the working of advanced tools and heavy machinery
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Tools and Machine Design: Yale College, 7000 All Nations Blvd., East Syracuse, NY (April, 2008 - April, 2011)
  • High School: Saint Augustine's School, 226 West Caliber St., New York, NY (March, 2008)

Professional Experience:

Research Machinist
(April, 2012 till date)
ABET Machines Pvt. Ltd., 120 E 16th St FL 4., New York, NY

  • Researching for various new tools and designs being used in the market to make more efficient tools for the machines
  • Conducting tool building workshops on a weekly basis for educating the employees about machine mechanics and tool design work flow
  • Conducting workshops on tool safety and work safety procedures to be followed in the working environment
  • Assisting the students hired as interns with tool design assignments and creating tools as and when necessary for educational purposes
  • Working with high precision tools and equipment for cutting metals and molding them into shapes as required by the design
  • Referring to the blueprints provided and making prototype models for further authentication
  • Arranging the supplies and materials used in the workshop by coordinating with the third party vendors
  • Creating detailed inventory reports and following them up for the materials that are required to be ordered from the market
  • Analyzing the existing machines and researching on ways to improve the efficiency of the machines by inventing and implementing new designs for the same
  • Providing training and introductions to the new employees about the daily work flow at the workshop
  • Arranging bi-monthly seminars including employee fun activities to encourage team bonding and reduction in employee attrition

Research Machinist (Trainee)
(May, 2011 to March, 2012)
5 Washington N Sq., New York, NY

  • Providing assistance to the head research specialist for handling a team of 50 employees
  • Performing a market research for finding the latest technologies being used in the business
  • Managing contracts from clients and maintaining a database for the same
  • Providing help in the recruitment process by conducting the first introductory round of interview
  • Providing monthly feedback on the performance of the laborers to the higher management in the form of detailed reports based on the recorded data
  • Coordinating with different departments for the creation of various tools and equipment needed for making new tools
  • Conducting training on time saving techniques
  • Arranging visits to the waste recycling department and giving advice on how the waste could be eliminated or reduced
  • Achieving proper communication between various departments for making sure that the tools are being created well within the deadlines
  • Providing detailed budget reports to the senior research machinist for budget evaluation and planning of the new budget on a monthly basis


  • "Best Research Machinist Award" - Awarded by the staff for the month of August, 2013
  • "Best Research Machinist Trainee Award" - Awarded by the research machinist manager for exceptional performance during the training period, January, 2012


Kurt S. Morris
Research Machinist
ABET Machines Pvt. Ltd., 120 E 16th St FL 4., New York, NY
Phone: 541-717-4581

Geraldine M. Francois
Senior Research Machinist
5 Washington N Sq., New York, NY
Phone: 713-829-4302

The job of the research machinist is full of risk and requires high level skills. As in the above research machinist resume example, one must make sure that he/she mentions the credentials in good detail by using the example as a reference. The candidates can make changes to the resume as they feel right, but must make sure that all the information provided is legitimate and could be proven with backup documents if there is a need to be. Since the resume has a limited space, a cover letter can be used to cover the detailed information about the candidate. For cover letter writing format for machinist position, refer this.

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