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Recycling Specialist Resume

There are generally several waste programs active in different organizations which focus on the elimination of waste and recycling of what is left. This not only helps the environment but also the companies to bring down their costs considerably. Recycling specialists are the ones who look over all these processes and find out new ways to recycle the waste products.

They typically report directly to the assistant manager and qualities such as good communication skills, manual dexterity, good process knowledge, etc., play an important role in this job position. They need to regularly communicate with the employees and various departments, supervising and collecting waste materials. They also advise on how those particular departments could reduce the waste. Some recyclable materials are also sold by some organizations. It is the job of the recycling specialists to negotiate good deals with the third party waste material buyers.

A person needs to have a high school diploma and minimum of 4 years of relevant field experience in order to be eligible for the position of recycling specialist. The same should be mentioned in good detail in the resume which would help increase the overall quality of the recycling specialist resume. One must also make sure that the information provided in the resume is genuine and should be proven with genuine documents as and when necessary.

Below is a resume sample for the same.

Ella W. Post
4437 Brownton Road
Columbus, MS 39701
Phone: 662-328-9030

Career Objective:

To work with a reputed organization as a Recycling Specialist using my education and skills for reducing as much waste as possible, thus benefiting the organization and gaining professional growth.

Professional Summary:

5 years of field experience as a Recycling Specialist.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good with managing large groups of people
  • Proficient with computer operations and MS Office
  • Good leadership skills
  • Motivational skills for team building
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • High School: Saint Claudia's High School, 2323 Lakeland Dr., Flowood, MS (March, 2009)

Professional Experience:

Recycling Specialist
(April, 2012 till date)
TERQ Industries Pvt. Ltd., 1320 Seven Springs Dr., Raymond, MS

  • Supervising five different operational departments for waste produce
  • Creating detailed waste reports and bringing down the overall waste percentage
  • Analyzing the workflow and process of each department to find out the main key waste areas and apply strategies to eliminate or reduce the waste
  • Creating detailed waste elimination report at the end of each month
  • Negotiating deals with third party vendors for selling waste at the best possible rates
  • Performing waste analysis and creating new strategies for waste elimination
  • Performing the implementation of strategies and waste elimination techniques made from the recorded data
  • Conducting waste elimination seminars for increasing employee awareness and giving tips on how one can reduce waste in his/her daily work routine
  • Creating schedules and setting duties of the recycling department for the employees to collect waste at regular intervals of time
  • Arranging waste reduction workshops at all branches of the organization across the country for educating the employees and creating more awareness
  • Training new employees in the recycling department on daily workflow and the latest waste elimination techniques being followed

Recycling Specialist (Trainee)
(April, 2007 to March, 2008)
Hamilton and Sons Corp. Pvt. Ltd., 1918 Briar Ridge Rd., Tupelo, MS

  • Providing an in-depth analysis report to the senior recycling specialist
  • Providing suggestions on new waste elimination ideas
  • Researching the market for the latest waste elimination techniques being used
  • Staying up to date with the current market trends
  • Liaising with different departments for collecting production and waste reports and consolidating them in the main report
  • Finding new ways and techniques to improve the production waste ratio
  • Arranging and managing bimonthly seminars on waste elimination techniques
  • Maintaining proper communication between the recycling and other departments in order to avoid any delays in waste collection


  • "Best Recycling Specialist Award" - Awarded by the senior recycling manager for the month of August, 2013 for reducing maximum amount of waste over a period of one year
  • "Best Recycling Specialist Trainee Award" - Awarded by the organization for exceptional performance during the training program, May, 2010


Carmen B. Demoss
Senior Recycling Specialist Manager
ERQ Industries Pvt. Ltd., 1320 Seven Springs Dr., Raymond, MS
Phone: 919-528-2018

Roosevelt C. Young
Recycling Specialist
Hamilton and Sons Corp. Pvt. Ltd., 1918 Briar Ridge Rd., Tupelo, MS
Phone: 614-606-9672

Recycling specialists play a vital role in any organization, as they help reduce the production cost and come up with innovative ideas for reducing wastage in the existing system. The above given recycling specialist resume example shows how one should mention his/her education and work experience details. One can either use this sample as a stencil or make appropriate changes to it depending upon the person's specifications.

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