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Property Administrator Resume

In any job application, the resume is considered as the essential document used for identifying the perfect candidate. It is the document which the employers use to evaluate the overall potentialities of the applicant. Therefore, it is a key task to draft a competent resume to obtain a job interview. For the purpose of assisting in writing a resume, a free and effective resume sample has been provided in the page. The information is provided in a clear and appealing manner. The form of the sample follows the pattern of professional resume writing. This property administrator resume is content oriented and presents the information by using an appropriate style and layout. This template is just for your reference.

A property administrator works in real estate services. The main job profile is to manage and oversee the real estates. One has the option of working independently or as a part of real estate services. Property administrator is also involved in property analysis, investment, and administrative activities.

The duties of a property administrator include displaying the property to prospective clients, providing resources and information to clients in lease agreements, collecting payments and rents, advising owners on local real estate markets, handling lease negotiation activities, providing guidelines to the clients relating to property investments, performing property renting activities, advertising vacant spaces, handling administrative and clerical activities, preparing necessary legal documents and agreements, monitoring and overseeing rental properties, negotiating contract renewals, handling property maintenance and repairing activities, maintaining records of lease terms and conditions, preparing tenancy agreements, updating maintenance requirements to property owners, and inspecting the properties.

A property administrator should possess sound knowledge of financial proceedings, real estate management, and work flow procedures. The job of a property administrator demands excellent negotiation, communication, stress management, problem solving, and decision making skills. Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree to obtain the position of property administrator.

Ronny Adams
673 Lordaf Boulevard, Sans Ford, Florida
Phone: (123)-009-1789

Career Objective:

To obtain a position of property administrator where my expertise in property management can prove advantageous in the growth and development of a real estate agency.

Core Competencies:

  • Hands-on experience in property management and real estate management
  • In-depth knowledge of lease agreements, contract management, and budget preparation
  • Comprehensive knowledge of tenant service requests, property audit process, and commercial and retail management
  • Ability to achieve operational excellence by close monitoring and supervision of the staff
  • Strong knowledge of property financial reporting, property management systems, and lease financing
  • Detail oriented with excellent negotiation and communication skills

Work Experience:

Organization: Jones Property Management, FL
Duration: July 2012 till date
Designation: Property Administrator

  • Responsible for preparing lease paperwork and sending lease violation letters to the concerned persons
  • Handle the responsibility of handling credit checking and mortgage verification procedures
  • Perform the task of preparing and maintaining necessary reports by taking reference from the property management systems
  • Handle the responsibility of collecting due payments and maintaining the invoicing and payment systems
  • Responsible for monitoring resident status, processing property operations and necessary invoices, etc.
  • Shoulder the responsibility of maintaining records of lease terms and conditions

Organization: Cassidy Property, FL
Duration: July 2010 to June 2012
Designation: Assistant Property Administrator

  • Handled the task of assisting the property manager in collecting rent and obtaining lease agreement documents
  • Handled the job of maintaining lease files and preparing necessary correspondence under the guidelines of the manager
  • Performed the task of providing necessary information on real estate markets to the property owners
  • Handled the work of preparing reports of tenant lease and updating the same for review to the property manager
  • Conducted the task of providing emergency numbers to tenants and employees for handling emergency situations

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Arts, 2010
Florida Arts College, Tampa, FL


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

A resume is a promotional material. It is developed with the purpose of marketing the best credentials of the applicant. The resume sample provided in the page is to help the applicants in preparing a resume that invites a job interview. Like an effective resume, this resume exactly speaks about the requirements of the employer. The sample offers the best guideline for drafting a resume. The template can be used by job seekers and is suitable for any kind of job. This resume will motivate the employer to arrange a job interview for you. It presents the information in a well developed and unique way. The sample is sure to help you in mastering the art of writing a good resume.

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