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Law Enforcement Officer Resume

Law enforcement officers, also known as peace officers, have duties to conduct that mainly consist of enforcement of laws, where they work for government bodies which provide them such authorities. Police officers, prison officers, immigration officers, parole officers, customs officers, etc., can be called as law enforcement officers and the same law enforcement resume sample given here can be used as a reference.

Law enforcement officers have the authority to carry weapons and arrest offenders for a criminal prosecution. They should have a good sense of justice and ensure that it is being followed at all times. They should also be good at crowd control and must be adept with the emergency protocols in case of emergencies such as floods, terrorist attacks, etc. Additional trainings undertaken to improve weapon handling should also be mentioned in the resume to make it more persuasive and unique. Government officers responsible for hiring such candidates do appreciate a well written resume, as it saves their time and helps them to make better choices.

A person needs to have completed his/her high school for being eligible for the fast track programs designed by the government authorities. They require the individual to serve as a constable for the first 3 years and depending on the performance and final evaluation exam given, the promotion is decided. This may also result in the increase of the compensation package. As the position gets higher, the number of responsibilities and salary also increase likewise. Some states might have some specific requirements regarding age, training, criminal record, and educational qualifications. One has to research about the requirements before drafting the resume and mention relevant information in the law enforcement officer resume. Below is an example given of the same.

Reynold K. Waughan
600 Chatham Way
Washington, MD 20010
Phone: 240-724-1987

Career Objective:

To work with the government as a law enforcement officer, utilizing my training and skills in the same for the enforcement of law and justice and protection of the people.

Professional Summary:

3 years of field experience.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent leadership skills and discipline
  • Adept at using heavy and light weapons
  • Proficient with handling security vehicles
  • Good sense of justice
  • Proficient at providing emergency support
  • Good at coordinating with different authorities of the state for resolving issues as fast as possible
  • Works well with staff and other team members
  • Good at surveillance and observation of potential subjects
  • Good at computer operations
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • High School: Vincent's High School, 7000 Shallowford Street, Chattanooga, MD (March, 2010)

Professional Experience:

Law Enforcement Officcer
Cleveland County Police Department, 1120 N Ocoee St., Cleveland, MD
(April, 2011 till date)


  • Providing support in case of emergencies
  • Conducting patrolling rounds on a daily basis through the areas designated by the superiors
  • Attending cadet training for the improvisation of skills
  • Conducting weapon usage and maintenance workshops
  • Coordinating and supporting the road traffic team when needed
  • Coordinating with the customs team to keep an eye on drugs or other cartels being smuggled into the country
  • Employing the help of security dogs for the inspection of goods at airports and main highways for drugs and illegal materials
  • Conducting periodic checks on the weapons and safety gears being used by the officers to ensure safety and good performance
  • Controlling the crowd during emergencies and directing them to a safe place
  • Tracking crime cases in the database and working with the team for resolving them and finding the offenders
  • Analyzing the surveillance systems and security cameras for finding offenders and wanted criminals
  • Updating the lost people chart daily and following up with various departments to receive updates on the same
  • Training new constables with the daily work flow and departmental activities

Law Enforcement Officer (Trainee)
Cleveland County Police Department 2, 1500 N Sounth St., Cleveland, MD
(April, 2010 to March, 2011)


  • Providing assistance in conducting the daily duties of the police officers
  • Managing the paperwork required by different departments on a daily basis
  • Coordinating with the housekeeping and maintenance department, ensuring that proper hygiene is followed and all the vehicles are well maintained and sustained in proper working condition
  • Attending weekly safety and weapons training workshops for improving the required skills
  • Attending seminars from different departments held on a weekly basis
  • Providing assistance in resolving current cases and completing assignments given by the seniors
  • Building people handling and interrogation skills
  • Providing necessary information and reports needed by the senior officers
  • Coordinating the tasks between different departments and conducting patrols occasionally


  • "Best Law Enforcement Officer of the Month Award" - Awarded by the senior law enforcement officer for the month of August, 2011
  • "Best Law Enforcement Officer Trainee Award" - Awarded by the police department for exceptional performance during the training period, December, 2010


Ronnie L. Bizt
Senior Law Enforcement Officer
Cleveland County Police Department, 1120 N Ocoee St., Cleveland, MD
Phone: 843-432-5564

Perry N. Pep
Senior Law Enforcement Officer
Cleveland County Police Department 2, 1500 N Sounth St., Cleveland, MD
Phone: 508-428-4596

Depending on the area and post applied for, one can make necessary changes to the above law enforcement officer resume example. This gives the basic idea on how a professional resume should look like. Further, education and more relevant experience would definitely help the resume to come out unique and appreciating.

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