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Emergency Medical Dispatcher Resume

Emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs) are professionals who work in the emergency response systems. These professionals are the first to get a call whenever there is a medical emergency. These people receive many calls each day, and they respond to them by providing rescue teams, including firefighters, police, or ambulances. They receive the calls, keep the callers calm, and determine the type of emergency, location of the incident, and the extent of the injuries suffered. The emergency medical dispatchers stay in contact with the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in the ambulance, so that they can get the help quickly, when needed. There is always a proper coordination between the emergency medical dispatchers and the nearby hospitals in the areas they are assigned to.

It is a position which includes higher responsibilities, and a person working in this position should be able to work under pressure and also be capable of solving the problems quickly. Such professionals should also be comfortable with sophisticated computer and telecommunication equipment. Apart from these skills, communication skills also play an important role in the job profile of an emergency medical dispatcher.

These emergency medical dispatchers work in varied settings such as fire stations, police stations, hospitals, county programs, or independent cities. It is a demanding and stressful profession; therefore, the dispatcher should be able to respond efficiently and quickly even in critical situations. Any mistake or carelessness in this type of job may cause death of one or more persons. So, if you find yourself responsible enough to hold the responsibilities only then apply for this position.

In order to become an emergency medical dispatcher, a high school diploma or equivalent qualification is sufficient to apply for this position. It would be advantageous to have good communication skills and a certification in related skill sets. It is also expected of the EMDs to have basic knowledge of first aid procedures. Apart from a college degree, it would be beneficial if you plan your career right from high school. It is recommended to take courses in biology, English, computer operations, typing, psychology, first aid, foreign languages, algebra, telephonic communications, or medical professional education while studying in high school.

Michael M. Barker
4799 Khale Street
Florence, SC 29501
Phone: 733-411-4754
Email Id:


Seeking a challenging position of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher in a reputed firm, where I could apply my skills and serve people and the organization as well.


  • Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish, both oral and written
  • Highly responsible in completing the given tasks
  • Possesses the skills of emergency operation plan development
  • Comfortable with firefighting principles and techniques
  • Aware of the first aid and emergency medical procedures
  • Aware of state, federal, and county law compliance
  • Excellent knowledge of public safety
  • Comfortable with the department policies and procedures
  • Good knowledge of search and rescue operations

Work Experience:

Company: Hill County Carmel, Pennsylvania
Designation: Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Duration: August 2012 to till date


  • Responsible to handle all incoming calls for medical, fire, and police emergencies
  • Attend to incoming calls properly and note down the details of the incidents such as geographical location and extent of the emergency
  • Coordinate with the nearest unit for rescue operation
  • Responsible to provide medical instructions to citizens over the phone, addressing medical emergencies
  • Responsible to transfer non-emergency calls to appropriate departments
  • Record and maintain proper records of warrants, missing persons, runaways, and cases of stolen guns
  • Monitor and manage radio traffic and respond to it effectively and immediately

Company: Zotlax Incorporations, Pennsylvania
Designation: DOD Firefighter
Duration: July 2010 to July 2012


  • Responsible to respond to the incoming emergency calls
  • Coordinate with the rescue operation as per the emergency need
  • Responsible to work as a team player
  • Responsible for regular vehicle check


  • Completed Certified Emergency Medical Training of 1 year from Tram Cure Incorporations, Pennsylvania in the year 2010
  • Completed Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Pennsylvania in the year 2009
  • Completed High School from Saint John's Academy, Pennsylvania in the year 2006


John C. Joseph
(Emergency Medical Dispatcher)

Faxlane Incorporations
1158 Rosemont Avenue
Orlando, FL 3280

The position of an emergency medical dispatcher holds higher responsibilities and the candidates applying for this position should possess a certification in emergency medical dispatch. A suitable work experience in a related profile would be an advantage. Apart from the skills and experience, a good emergency medical dispatcher resume is also necessary if you want to get an interview call from a prospective employer. In order to craft a good resume, you can refer to some proficient resume samples and customize your resume accordingly. One such sample has been given above, and you can take its help to craft a resume for the position of emergency medical dispatcher.

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