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Credentialing Assistant Resume

Resume is a document that is very common for job seekers. It is required for any type of job application. Writing a resume in the perfect way is of utmost importance in today's competitive job market. The problem is that only a few people know the techniques of writing a competent resume. This credentialing assistant resume example has been developed with the aim of educating the job seekers about the finest techniques of resume writing, eventually winning a job interview.

One can improve his existing resume by following the guidelines provided in the page. For those who are yet to start writing a resume, they can learn the techniques of resume writing with the help of this sample. This resume example will definitely play a significant role in the job application process. Its aim is to make the process of preparing a resume easy and effective.

A career as a credentialing assistant is applicable in health care and service organizations. It is the job of a credentialing assistant to provide support to the physicians in preparing and managing credentialing applications. With the increase of health service providers, there is a great prospect for you to get a job in this profile.

The duties of a credentialing assistant include preparing documents related to health care services, checking and reviewing application forms, typing and filling up necessary documents, verifying the details to ensure proper licensing, preparing medical correspondence documents, checking expiry dates, responding to the queries of health care staff, providing clerical and administrative support, maintaining and faxing related documents, and updating medical documents in the medical database systems.

The job of a credentialing assistant requires a bachelor's degree or high school diploma. It is necessary to possess strong communicational, interpersonal, and management skills. Some of the important credentials to become a credentialing assistant include knowledge of health care standards and guidelines and credentialing standards.

Sandy Rivera
Northern Blvd, East Westbury, New York
Phone: 123-665-0519

Career Goal:

Seeking a responsible position as a credentialing assistant in a health care organization that offers an opportunity towards professional growth and development

Knowledge & Core Competencies:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of adjunct staff credentialing, credentialing software, and health care standards and guidelines
  • In-depth knowledge of database system and billing processes and procedures
  • Possesses strong analytical, communicational, organizational, and management skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office applications, general office equipment, and administrative procedures
  • Skilled in prioritizing tasks with excellent multitasking and problem solving skills
  • Ability to perform tasks under pressure and work in a fast paced, dynamic environment

Work Experience:

Organization: Lindera Hospital, New York
Duration: October 2012 till date
Designation: Credentialing Assistant

  • Responsible for gathering the required information to prepare necessary documents of various departments of the health care center
  • Complete the task of undertaking the credentialing activities by following the defined rules and standards of the medical staff
  • Handle the responsibility of completing document verification tasks as well as performing the processing of staff appointment forms
  • Responsible for monitoring the expiry of appointments of the health care professionals and the expiry of health care licenses
  • Perform the task of handling clerical and administrative duties such as preparing reports, maintaining files, and distributing mails
  • Handle the responsibility of preparing basic correspondences, performing credentialing application verifications, and updating missing documents to the concerned staff

Organization: Deers Health Care, New York
Duration: January 2010 to September 2012
Designation: Junior Application Tester

  • Handle the responsibility of ensuring that the credentialing database is maintained in an accurate manner
  • Complete the task of providing clerical and administrative support to the health care director
  • Shoulder the responsibility of providing support to the senior staff in processing the initial and reappointment stages of application forms
  • Handle the task of providing responses to the requirements of the medical staff
  • Execute the job of tracking and monitoring license renewals under the guidelines of the health practitioners
  • Handle the task of emailing and faxing documents required for verification and processing procedures

Educational Qualification:

High School Diploma
University of New York, New York, 2010


Will be pleased to provide upon request

One probably might have gone through many resume writing tips. The guidelines communicated may be similar or different. However, the approach used in writing this resume will prove rewarding in writing a resume for any job application. The purpose of the resume is to provide records related to educational qualifications and job experience in a clear and effective mode. What makes this resume effective is the use of the basic tips and fundamentals of writing a resume. After reviewing this resume, you can draft for yourself a resume that presents you as an outstanding candidate, deserving to attend the job interview.

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