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Communications and Marketing Specialist Resume

Communications and marketing specialists normally work on creating programs which effectively describe a particular organization. They also use the same technique for promoting the products of a company through various marketing mediums such as graphics, newspaper ads, hoardings, brochures, etc. It is important for them to have in-depth knowledge of these fields. Multitasking and good communication skills are some of the main qualities that the recruiters look for when going through the resumes.

A well written communications and marketing specialist resume should contain all the relevant educational and work experience information in a concise manner, so that the resume is more persuasive but short and crisp at the same time. Employers in today's competitive market do appreciate a well written resume and one must be keen enough to refer one.

The position of a communications and marketing specialist requires the person to be good at giving presentations in front of a large number of people. The person should be good at doing technical analysis and researching, in order to fit in this role perfectly. The marketing and communications specialist thus uses his/her judgment and knowledge to decide what content is to be released. He/she normally reports to the main supervisor or manager.

As far as educational qualifications are concerned, a person needs to have completed a bachelor's degree and should possess an experience of minimum 2 to 4 years in the same industry. Communications and marketing specialist resume should hence contain valid information and one should be able to provide necessary backup documentation when needed.

Carrie N. Allen
2031 Washington Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78476
Phone: 361-343-2133

Career Objective:

To work in an esteemed organization as a Communications and Marketing Specialist utilizing my talent in communication and management and 5 years of experience to the best of my ability for the benefit of the organization and professional growth.

Professional Summary:

5 years of professional experience as a Communications and Marketing Specialist.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent management skills
  • Brilliant written and oral communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of publications and current marketing trends
  • Good leadership skills
  • Proficient in social media advertising
  • Exceptional analytical and decision making skills
  • Good knowledge of time managing techniques
  • Good at scrutinizing things and passing fair judgments for the decisions to be made in future

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism: Yale University, Houston, TX (April, 2009)
  • High School: Parkinson's High School, Houston, TX (March, 2006)

    Professional Experience:

    Communications and Marketing Specialist: ABEQ Media Services Pvt. Ltd. 5237 N Riverside Dr. Ste. 100, Ft. Worth, TX
    (April, 2011 till date)

    • Managing a group of 60 employees
    • Coordinating with different departments, ensuring that the targets are met before the deadline
    • Providing latest updates to the content writing department by performing in-depth research and advising on the new articles to be written
    • Creating marketing and advertising programs for various company clients
    • Collaborating with the print and media department for getting the brochures made
    • Working with the design department for the creation of hoardings and newspaper ads
    • Managing press releases and web releases according to the clients' directions
    • Organizing marketing campaigns for different clients
    • Writing draft speeches for the senior manager
    • Hiring freelance artists for the creation of logos and other ads
    • Creating detailed reports for the marketing manager for future analysis

    Communications and Marketing Specialist: Next Step Media Services Pvt. Ltd., 8080 Park Ln Ste 100, Dallas, TX
    (April, 2009 to March, 2011)

    • Managing communication between different departments, ensuring that there is proper flow of information
    • Analyzing detailed reports from all the departments for employee performance analysis and appraisals
    • Performing analysis of the content release plans of each department, making sure that proper content is being released as per the client specifications and requirements
    • Running multiple branding and marketing campaigns for multiple clients
    • Making sure that all the proper data safety procedures are followed, so that the client specific sensitive information is not leaked
    • Following the government censorship rules and regulations and editing media to be released accordingly
    • Conducting various workshops on increasing the audience reached and new ways of global media advertisements
    • Conducting detailed research on the latest trends being followed
    • Creating budget plans which could be proposed to the clients for marketing and public awareness campaigns
    • Making sure that proper communication is maintained between the management and art department


    • "Best Employee of the Month" – Awarded by staff members for the month of August in 2010
    • "Best Performer of the Month" – Awarded by the senior executive manager for exceptional performance for the month of December in 2012


    Pattie N. Royall
    Designation: Senior Executive Manager
    Organization: ABEQ Media Services Pvt. Ltd. 5237 N Riverside Dr. Ste. 100, Ft. Worth, TX
    Phone: 270-239-6067

    Danna C. Garcia
    Designation: Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
    Organization: Next Step Media Services Pvt. Ltd., 8080 Park Ln Ste 100, Dallas, TX
    Phone: 901-415-6852

    The above given communications and marketing specialist resume example guides you through the intricate details which are necessary to be mentioned in the resume. Changes to the above sample should me made as per the job requirements and specifications.

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