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Clerk Typist Resume

Clerk typist has been and continues to be a very important position in any organization. The responsibility of the preparation of documents lies with the clerk typist. Before writing a clerk typist resume, you must know the duties and responsibilities related to this position. The duties of a clerk typist are:

  • To receive the grievances and complaints from the employees and/or public and send reports to the administration section
  • To take the responsibility of executing the bookkeeping functions of the organization
  • To prepare hard copies of the documents demanded by the officers
  • To work with agencies (state, federal, or regional), providing and collecting information from them
  • To handle financial works such as checking the bank account details and preparing a detailed report
  • To keep a track of the important mails and documents for future reference

What is required to become a clerk typist?

  • A high school degree is sufficient to become a clerk typist; if you have an additional training certificate, it would be an add on
  • Should be aware of the modern practices in the office environment
  • Should be well acquainted with the laws, rules, and regulations while writing a legal document
  • Good base of mathematics is also very important, as the professional might have to do calculations while preparing financial documents
  • Should keep a track of the events in the organization, as it will help while listing them down in the annual report

With this, you know what responsibilities a clerk typist has to undertake. Now, you need to replicate the same in your resume. Refer to the clerk typist resume sample given here.

Edward M. Philbrick
77, block 9
3824 Griffin Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Email Address:
Phone: 7834-342-343

Career Objective:

To work as a Clerk Typist in an organization that will give me the opportunity to work with all my ability and knowledge I have developed over the years.

Career Summary:

I have worked as a Junior Typist in AllSkript Firms Pvt. Ltd., for 2 years and later, as an Associate Clerk Typist in HH Firms Pvt. Ltd., for 3 years. I have worked for legal, finance, and transport departments in both the companies.

Educational Details:

  • High School Diploma, High School Certificate, University of Phoenix, AZ
  • First Class Diploma in English Typing, University of Phoenix, AZ

Work Experience:

Industry: AllSkript Firms Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Junior Typist
Duration: 2 years


  • To make a database of the complaints from all departments of the organization and send a compiled data to the respective managers
  • To work with the agencies and tie-up companies to prepare relevant documents
  • To work with the chartered accountants (CAs) of the company to prepare all the financial documents
  • To read and analyze the documents before drafting
  • To keep a track of the transport issues received from the manager and send them to the operations manager
  • To keep a track of the bank accounts of the company and send the details to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the organization

Industry: HH Firms Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Associate Clerk typist
Duration: 3 years


  • To assign work to the junior typists of the organization
  • To discuss the clauses and rules with the chartered accountants (CAs) and prepare the documentation
  • To proofread the documents sent by the junior typists
  • To get the bank account details of the company, check the authenticity, and prepare the press releases
  • To convert the hard copies of the documents into the digital format
  • To cross-check the information sent by the managers and maintain a record of the same


  1. Darla J. McBride
    2 Deercove Drive
    Plano, TX 75074
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 32-434-32321

  2. Marjorie C. Black
    1621 Moonlight Drive
    Tuckahoe, NJ 08250
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 343-4342-342

The sample of clerk typist resume here gives a clear way of writing an effective resume. Understand what the employer demands before you write your own resume. Cross-checking the responsibilities you have mentioned with the ones asked by the employer will make you write the resume precisely and to the point. Write all the relevant details, be it regarding the training courses, apprenticeships in typing, or full time work experience; they all add to your candidature. Make good use of adjectives and phrases at the required places. You may make your resume look attractive, but you must also make sure that it does not lose its formal nature.

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