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Administrative Director Resume

Administrative director is accountable for the smooth functioning of an institution or corporation by effectively and efficiently coordinating various activities carried out in the organization. His primary responsibilities as an administrative director can be listed as follows:

  • Executing the coordination and integration of various departmental activities carried out within the organization which include the operations of the management, human resource or personnel, marketing, sales, promotions, logistics, etc., departments
  • Communicating the required information to various departments
  • Providing support in connection with the problems associated with organizational policies and principles
  • Setting up quantitative objectives to achieve, based on different analysis and researches
  • Executing correspondence with different departments and coordinating the activities as a whole
  • Supervising and controlling all managerial, organizational, and clerical functions performed in the organization or corporation

Thus, an administrative director is responsible for carrying out organizational functions, setting up financial objectives, and solving matters related to organizational policies. He is responsible for achieving 'unity of objective' function i.e., to direct the organizational work force towards the achievement of one common goal and thereby, assure organizational success.

Administrative director resume should focus on your professional experience as administration executive or operations manager. You can add your credentials, skills, and expertise in the area of administration.

Ryan M. Gupton
1798 Romines Mill Road
Dallas, TX 75204

Career Objective:

Searching for the position of administrative director in your organization where I would be accountable for organizing and supervising functions and ensuring smooth functioning of the organization as a whole.

Profile Summary:

  • 7 years of extensive experience in business management and administration
  • Efficiently managed the duties of administrative executive for last 3 years
  • Competently discharged various duties associated with the executive position
  • Skilled in efficiently handling the work force and issues related to it
  • Training and development of the organizational staff


  • Expertise in handling different Microsoft Excel related functions
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficient in managing various operations and tasks simultaneously
  • Expertise in budgeting, researching, and management related jobs
  • Effectively and efficiently managing the work force related activities and supervising the same as a head authority

Technical Skills:

  • Well aware of the advanced software applications used for presentation, analysis, documentation, and database management
  • Expertise in handling spreadsheets, word processing documents, and MS Excel sheets
  • Excellent in MS Word and MS Excel functions
  • Aware of the computer aided designing software applications and Microsoft PPT presentations

Professional Experience:

Administrative Assistant, Bentley Brothers Ltd.
2004 - 2011


  • Carried out correspondence, record maintenance, and reporting duties
  • Supervising the operations of the work force and managing them
  • Handling managerial and clerical issues related to operations
  • Solving the queries in relation to organizational policies and procedures
  • Executing database management
  • Functioning as a link between the organization and organizational work force

Administrative Executive, E&G Industries Ltd.
2011-till date


  • Carrying out administrative processes and ensuring smooth functioning of the organization
  • Coordinating different functions carried out within the organization
  • Performing the implementation of organizational policies and solving queries associated with the rules and regulations of the company
  • Setting up of quantitative objectives based on past and current industry experience
  • Providing assistance in correspondence functions
  • Responding to the network problems and providing mutually beneficial solutions to the management


  • Master's Degree in Business Management from Harvard Business School in 2004
  • Diploma Course in Office Administration and Secretarial Functions from Harvard Business School in 2005
  • Attended a Four Years Program in Advanced Techniques and Developments in Organization in 2011


'The Best Employee of the Year 2010' award for efficiently discharging the functions related to the position.


  • Affiliated to Texas Social Club, which works for the spreading of environment awareness and implementation of remedial measures
  • Life long member of TX Social Health Care Association, which works for the health care purposes and promotion of healthy social life

Administrative director is accountable for overseeing the work of the designing and implementation of the organizational strategies in relation to the administration. As a chief authority in the administration sector, you will have to supervise and help the executives and top management in the forming and implementation of strategies.

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