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Administrative Assistant (Investments) Resume

The profile of an administrative assistant (investments) includes the tasks associated with clerical, managerial, and organizational functions. He is accountable for various duties, which can be listed as follows:

  • Perform daily correspondence
  • Perform the collection of data and preparation of financial reports on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis
  • Maintain and update the information related to customer IDs, passwords, and all confidential information
  • Perform semi-automated activities and check the recording of transactions
  • Supervise the activities related to finance functions
  • Provide the rational basis for investments by using different mathematical tools and techniques
  • Provide support to the executives in relation to the implementation of the various policies and strategies set by them
  • Give feedback regarding the investments done and seek for new opportunities
  • Provide assistance in the decision-making process with regard to investments in projects
  • Help in short term as well as long term investments where one can enjoy maximum return with comparatively less investment or with minimum risk
  • Function as an aid in the decision-making process in connection with various investments
  • Execute managerial assistance and integration of multiple tasks
  • Coordinate with the clients and help them to sort out the problems related to customer satisfaction

Thus, you should take into account the relevant skills which would be helpful in carrying out all these functions.

Virginia G. Punch
3428 Alpaca Way
Irvine, CA 92664

Career Objective:

Seeking for the position of an administrative assistant (investments) where I would be accountable for providing investment assistance and thereby, help the organization to increase its profitability.


  • 3 years of experience as an investment consultant or financial advisor
  • Proficient in analyzing different types of investment projects and their implications with respect to risk and return characteristics
  • Well acquainted with the different tools and techniques used for analyzing different investment alternatives such as mutual funds, securities, bonds, certificates of deposits, etc.
  • Well familiar with portfolio analysis and management
  • Sound knowledge of latest investment options available in the market


  • Expertise in managing MS Excel functions
  • Good communication skills
  • Sound understanding of the financial system and its components
  • In-depth knowledge about different characteristics of investments such as risk, return, combined risk, combined return, etc.
  • Good analytical and report writing skills
  • Aware about the latest investment options

Technical skills:

  • MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint
  • Database management
  • Reasonable knowledge of the computer systems needed to discharge the functions related to administration
  • Familiar with various accounting software and their usages


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from University of California in 2006
  • Diploma in Course in Financial Management from University of California in 2007


Certification Course in French and German

Professional experience:

Financial Consultant at Rollers Finance Ltd.
2011-till date


  • Providing financial assistance to the clients with respect to various alternatives available
  • Performing financial planning and executing support functions
  • Performing the assessment of various projects and their long term implications
  • Performing detailed analysis of risk and return characteristics related to different investment opportunities
  • Studying favorable and unfavorable impact of long investments
  • Creating and assessing prospective investment options

Administration Assistant Jones Sellers Industries Ltd. 35454 LN


  • Performed clerical functions related to documentation and report writing
  • Provided secretarial support
  • Handled database management and solved office administration issues
  • Integrated various activities associated with customer feedback
  • Organized various documents and reports so as to facilitate easy access for future reference and analysis
  • Performed travel and customer relationship management


  • Affiliated to California Rehab Center, which works for the rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities
  • Working as an active participant of California Social Health Care Foundation

To conclude, the administrative assistant (investments) profile concentrates on the responsibilities related to administration function which are associated with financial investments. So, you need to highlight your administration skills in connection with finance or investments functions. Your resume should also include supplementary knowledge of soft skills required for the post. You can explore the administrative assistant resume cover letter examples to prepare an equally professional introductory letter for applying such jobs.

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